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About Doug Johnson

I spent 25 years in the news business, working in print, radio and television. After a steady rise to the middle, I made the leap to the private sector, which chewed and then tried spitting me out after 2 years. I zigged (instead of zagging) into a position in television production.

My aching feet

Next move, I don’t pack as much. Or at least, I don’t move as many items in advance. As part of my upcoming move, I’ve been packing up various parts of the townhouse and taking stuff over to the new … Continue reading

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Exit… Stage Right

I’m on the move. Just as things look like they’re getting white hot in downtown Memphis, I’m heading to the other side of town. I moved into my townhouse on Carolina Avenue right after Faxon-Gillis finished building it (not quite … Continue reading

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On Leadership

I’m fascinated by the spectacle that the Shelby County Commission has become lately. Now that a chancery court judge has ruled, Henri Brooks gets her seat back, because apparently, the county attorney isn’t the correct party to determine whether Commissioner … Continue reading

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So, what’s going on with you?

I won’t start out this post by noting how little I’ve posted in the previous year (it was once, by the way). It’s not that I’ve been too busy to post, because that hasn’t been the case. And it’s not … Continue reading

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Has It Been That Long?

I clicked a stray link in a document I have saved on my work computer and it took me to one of my old blog posts.  Frankly, it’s been long enough since I’ve blogged regularly, that all my posts are … Continue reading

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