Wait, what?


Blog You Very Much

If you write, especially for publication, you hope to be read. One of the bad things about blogging is that most host sites provide some kind of system that shows just how many times people stop by to look at your work. I’d like hundreds of readers each day, hanging on my every word. But, I’m realist enough to know that it’s pretty much friends, co-workers and family who stop by on a regular basis. And, some of my friends who blog link my blog on their, so I pick up the occasional reader that way. And Mike Hollihan, over at the Main Street Journal site, links to the blog, so I get clicks from MSJ readers, which is nice.


Do What?

Anyway, I go to the part of the WordPress page that lets me see how many hits the blog has gotten once or twice (or three times) a day usually. I was across the bridge in West Memphis all day, so I didn’t actually check Wednesday until after I got home and did my evening jog. More than 500 views today. 5-0-0. And climbing when I checked at 8pm. I’d been linking to StumbleUpon lately, but that’s only pushed my average hit count to about 90 a day.  Before today, I think the best I had done was 200-something on the day I got my new job.


The target of many searches...

Whenever there’s a big spike, I wonder what it was I did in that day’s blog that was so darned interesting, especially compared to every other day. Also, whether I could blatantly repeat it to get the same number of hits the next day. Well, I checked the counter a little more closely, and saw that the blog getting all the hits was one from July, telling the tale of how I broke out the back window of my car. I drilled down a little deeper, and looked and what word or phrase in that blog was most actively searched. It turns out that it was a phrase that led to a picture I posted with the last sentence of that blog: “lucy and the football.” If you keep track, Charles Schultz had her do it the first time on November 16, 1952 (but she wasn’t the first girl to do that to Charlie Brown).