On the Run

Another ridiculously high hit count on the blog today. Nearly 500 hits again. And again, it’s driven by searches for “Lucy and the football.” What’s going on? I haven’t got a clue. Thing is, just because someone clicks on the blog, that doesn’t mean any of those folks are actually reading the blog. Besides, all those hits are to one page from June, and it doesn’t seem that anyone is clicking through to anything more current.

GrizzcityheaderAnyway, I got miles to go before I sleep. Spent all day Wednesday in West Memphis, Arkansas. Front half of Thursday on a shoot in the old Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Memphis (it’s now Grizzlies Academy). Second half of the day trying to manage two video edits, plus getting ready for a two-day shoot in Oxford, Mississippi. I don’t mind going; after all, I might get the chance to eat at City Grocery, which is worth the drive by itself. It’s just that it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow, and most of what I’m doing is outside. After working a couple of weekend days lately, I’m thinking I’m going to need a couple of days off next week.  I’ve got to get a flu shot, give blood, get the 100,000 mile service on my car, plus a couple of other things.

Oh Katie...Because of that, I’m going to be short today. Also, the hundreds of new readers are only seeing that one page from July. There is one thing. My good pal Joe Larkins was opining on the way HD is affecting how some news anchors are using make up. He mentioned he’s not actually seeing the news in HD yet. Lemme tell you, when you do, you’ll really notice some changes. I watch Katie Couric most nights. She looks fine the way they got the cameras set up in the studio. But when they shoot her in HD, without the special studio filters and lighting, you really notice the age lines on her upper lip. Okay, that’s not a current picture.