My aching feet

Next move, I don’t pack as much.

Or at least, I don’t move as many items in advance. As part of my upcoming move, I’ve been packing up various parts of the townhouse and taking stuff over to the new house piecemeal. On the one hand, the old place is almost empty, which lets me clean as I go and trash stuff I know I don’t need.  Moving is always a good opportunity to ‘clean house,’ so to speak – but my God – there was a lot of crap stacked up in this joint!

My plan is to have everything small enough to move myself out of here by Friday.  The movers are due Saturday to get the furniture.  I’m turning the washer/dryer over to the Salvation Army – they should be here Saturday too.  Books, clothes, dishes – all at the new house.  The car is packed with everything that was in the garage.  There are a few more things in the kitchen; I should have all that out tomorrow.

Back to the crap.  A good part of the garage was filled with stuff I needed to throw out.  I had been trying to take it around to the dumpster bit by bit, but I decided to make a big move and get it all out tonight.  I haven’t been walking or jogging at all lately, so I’m only averaging 4,000 steps or so a day.  With all the trips back and forth taking trash out this evening, I racked up about 8,500 steps for the first time in months!  Admittedly, I took a quick circle around the office today with the boss for a meeting, so that helped.

I have to work late tomorrow, so my plan is to drop my truckload off before heading into work – with more packing when I get home Wednesday night.

But, after packing and cleaning for 3 solid hours today, my feet really hurt.


Exit… Stage Right

I’m on the move. Just as things look like they’re getting white hot in downtown Memphis, I’m heading to the other side of town.


The olde homestead

I moved into my townhouse on Carolina Avenue right after Faxon-Gillis finished building it (not quite finished, more on that in a bit). It was part of a lot of the new construction going on downtown, and I had lived downtown in my first Memphis sojourn, so I wanted to be there when things took off. The housing market had started to slip when I bought in 2008, but I did not expect things to come to a screaming halt, but the economic collapse did just that.

So I’m heading to Cordova. Not that I ever had any plans to move to that particular part of Memphis. I’m not an East Memphis type. Not an outside I-240 type at all. But I work on that side of town – and my girlfriend lives there. Of course, some guys believe (I know because they’ve told me) that having a place to go to when you’re not with your significant other can be a good thing. And it has been handy to have a downtown location when you’re going to the FedEx Forum, the Orpheum, Cook Convention Center, River Arts Fest or any number of other events. Still, it’s a lot of driving.


She’s smiling because of all the chores she’s got lined up for me

Because of that, and other stuff, the gal pal and I will be sharing an address. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend all their time with a well-known former TV personality (she is – I’m was never as well known when I was on Memphis TV). It’s a nice house on a hill – and it’s directly across the street from her parents (whuuuuuuut?)!

There certainly won’t be the same level of quirkiness along Germantown Parkway as there is downtown (Music Fest just ended; BBQ Fest will be underway the day the movers are here). Sure, there’s an IHOP around the corner from the new place, but the Arcade is just around the corner from the old place. As is Ernestine and Hazel’s and all the other wacky and wild downtown destinations.

One thing I will miss being here for is the Main Street to Main Street project connecting downtown Memphis to West Memphis over the Harahan Bridge. I haven’t been riding my bike as much as I used to – but Carolina is on the path – so in a year or so, I could have taken the pathway over the river, instead of dodging cars on downtown streets. Although I have enjoyed some decent views between here and Mud Island.


View from a bike ride

One of my co-workers has already let me know the quickest pathway from where I’ll be living to get to Shelby Farms and the Greenline.

Anyway, we’d been having internal discussions about the move since last fall, and while I was planning to put the townhouse on the market, I hadn’t gotten around to it. Interestedly, several of the other houses on the row have sold recently, and someone wanted to bid on the place two doors down, but didn’t get the chance before it sold. I had a “Make Me Move” price listed on he had seen, so he asked his real estate agent call to see if I was interested in selling. They made a good enough offer that made it a simple decision.

Here’s the thing. There are often repairs sellers have to make after a home inspector checks out a property. I had a couple of windows that needed repair. Cody (the repair guy from County Glass) told me that the he uses a ribbon of silicone to help hold windows in place and prevent drafts. Turns out when Faxon-Gillis built the home in the first place, they used double-sided tape. Here’s the good part – the installer never took the paper off one side of the tape – so when Cody opened the sash, the glass just fell out. Fortunately, he and a co-worker were there to catch it.


If you haven’t read it, it’s still news

Phone’s turned off. First time since 1975 I haven’t had a land-line. Did you know that when you go to the U.S. Postal Service website to change your address, you change update your voter registration at the same time? And I’ve let the weekend crew at Lifeblood on Madison that I’ll be donating in Germantown in the future. Well, I’ve got to finish packing – and I’ve got to remember to change the address on my Commercial Appeal subscription when I renew. I’m sure Pam will appreciate the coupons in Wednesday and Sunday’s papers. I’ll be able to keep up with the stuff going on downtown that I wasn’t actually attending when I lived there.