Has It Been That Long?

I clicked a stray link in a document I have saved on my work computer and it took me to one of my old blog posts.  Frankly, it’s been long enough since I’ve blogged regularly, that all my posts are “old” posts.  Anyway, that got me clicking back through the history, where I learned that it’s been 4 years and 5 days since my original blog post, made shortly after FedEx decided it no longer wanted my company.Image

My former employer is going through another resizing, although this time it offered long-term employees the opportunity to take buy-outs, instead of involuntary separation that I went through with 2,999 others back in 2009.

I was lucky – in the midst of a recession – I was only unemployed for 2 months.  I remain gainfully employed, I’ve been able to pay off some bills, the mortgage is covered, and I even bought a new car.  Interestingly, I’ve probably produced as many videos for FedEx in my new job as I did when I was in the company’s video production unit.  But I usually turn to UPS for my shipping needs.  Okay, I’m holding a little bit of a grudge.

It’s funny how things work out.  Several members of my family spent their careers working in state government in Ohio.  Me, I wanted the adventure of a career in the news business.  One of my younger brothers, and his wife, had been in their jobs long enough to retire from them – while they’re young enough to enjoy it.  I’ve moved around so much that I’ll probably be spending my retirement asking if you want fries with that.  I do still hold out hope that either PowerBall or MegaMillions will come a’calling.

Getting older bites – as those of you who are getting older already know.  Things slow down, you don’t move as fast – or as pain free as you used to.  But things aren’t all bad.  I may owe the IRS some money, but I’m refinancing the house, so I’ll come out ahead.  And, I’ve got a trip to Jamaica planned for August.  The only thing I have to do now is get down to Speedo weight!


One thought on “Has It Been That Long?

  1. Ughhhhhh…Speedo. 1 banana, 2 banana, 3 banana, Bunch. Daaaayo!

    Scott Sutherland

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

    Doug Johns

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