Time for a Change?

ImageYou have to wonder: why are some people so convinced that the president is so… evil. It certainly seems that way when you listen to some of the conservative voices in our land. Give a guy 2 wars and the worst world economy since the Depression – while spreading rumors that he’s Hitler, or the Antichrist, or a socialist, or a communist or a Muslim (after complaining about his Christian preacher) or not from this country (even though the state he was born in released an official copy his his birth certificate – people aren’t satisfied because the document says “certification of live birth”).

What has all this given us? The Associated Press is out with a poll that suggests that a majority of Americans now like black people less than they did before. A former Republican governor (John Sununu) says, on camera, that Colin Powell is supporting President Obama because they’re the same color – then having to backtrack when people complained. I’m like most people – I’ll slow down when I drive past a car accident because I’m curious to see what happened. But I don’t know that applies to Donald Trump. The government, in the form of the State Department, which issued a passport, the Social Security Administration and the IRS, which gladly takes the president’s taxes; have accepted Obama as a naturally-born American citizen for decades.  And I really doubt that Harvard would have allowed him to be editor of its law review merely on the basis of affirmative action – since putting an unqualified person in that role would have hurt the university’s reputation for years.

ImageHas the president solved the nation’s problems?  No, he hasn’t.  Has the Republican-controlled House of Representatives offered workable solutions – or have they spent more time and effort opposing the president in an effort to stymie his plans?  If both sides had met in the middle – without the “our way or no way” influence of the Tea Party – would we be better off than we were four years ago?  I think even the most strident Tea Partiers can answer that (and if they are honest, their answer would be the same as the answers that sensible people would give).

On that note, when Gov. Romney makes the point that he can reach across the aisle to engage Democrats in Congress, I wonder whether he’s really aware of his record in Massachusetts.  Several outlets went back and counted; 844 vetoes.  That’s a lot of reaching across the aisle – to slap down Democratic legislation.  And they reached back across the aisle, overriding 707 of those vetoes.  As Frontline noted, Romney cooperated with the Democrats in the Massachusetts Legislature to create a “legacy” issue for a presidential run – RomneyCare.  His bad luck that he had to turn his back on his own effort when he was forced to go “full conservative” during the GOP primaries and first weeks after the conventions.

And do we need a “businessman” in the White House?  Didn’t Mr. Bush have an MBA and a background as a “successful” businessman before turning to politics?  Business people have to turn to experienced government hands to navigate the halls of power.  If Romney turns to the same type of people that Bush turned to, isn’t it likely to have similar results?