Sitting by the Pool


So, it’s been a while since I’ve actually wanted to post anything.  Politics is such pain.  The president passes a healthcare plan that’s basically Republican in its origins; but the Republicans are in such a “get him” mode, they’re willing to scorch earth to cal it rampant socialism.  Even after a conservative Supreme Court upholds most of it.  I just can’t understand why so many people think the world is going to end because the government is requiring people to pay for health care.  The Affordable Healthcare Act doesn’t require the purchase of insurance – so if you don’t want to buy it, don’t.  This just makes you pay a penalty to cover the cost of caring for you if you get sick or hurt.  The way it was, the rest of us had to pay for your not-having-insurance tail by paying higher premiums.  So if my premiums drop; isn’t that a good thing?

Anyway, to the reason for this post.  The girlfriend had to travel for work and asked if I wanted to come along.  I’m busy at work and had recently paid off all my credit cards, so I wasn’t head-over-heels, but I understand the value of going with the flow.  And this flow was heading to Honolulu.  I’m not going to go into this international delivery company’s purpose for being here, but it’s got to do with a long-lost aviatrix (keep your eyes on the news).

Leaving the mainland

Anyway, if you’ve ever had the opportunity to come here, the first thing you have to suffer through is the trip itself.  We flew United, which changes in Chicago.  And just so you know; it’s 9 hours from Chicago to Honolulu.  We were on a Boeing 777, which is an incredibly large plane.  we changed seats pre-flight, otherwise. I’d have been in the middle seat of a 5-seat row.  So, two hour delay at O’Hare.  First, there was a door on the plane that wouldn’t close.  Then a summer thunderstorm shut down everything.  Did I mention this was a 6:30am (or, damn that’s early) flight?

We finally got off the ground.  Skipped the in-flight movie, which was The Rock in “Journey 2.”  Sorry, Dwayne, no desire to see that one.  I had “Sherlock Holmes 2; Game of Shadows” on the laptop.  Okay, but not as rollicking as the first one.  I think the Sherlock series on PBS’s Masterpiece Mystery has spoiled me for Holmes movies right now.  We were close to the lavatories in the middle of the plane; good for convenience, bad for ventilation.  I hope you’re listening Boeing; that’s a design flaw.

On the ground in Honolulu

Instead of landing at 2pm, we landed at 4.  After getting the bags and the rental car, we didn’t hit the interstate until the height of rush hour.  And, as I knew from the last time I was here, it’s a slow go on I-25.  It took 2 and a half hours to get from airport to hotel to check-in to room change (construction) to bags in the room to car in the garage to back in the room.  By this time, we’d been up and moving since 5am Friday in Memphis.  It was 6:30pm in Honolulu, or 11:30pm back home – and we still had to meet the team for dinner – and I’m not even a part of the team!!  Although, if you’re in Honolulu, stop by Town, the food is excellent.

Diamond Head in the distance

After Pam headed off to work, I took a jaunt up the beach toward Diamond Head.  Sand made it a slow-go, but there’s nothing like cooling your feet off in the Pacific Ocean.  I have a couple of observations after watching the people enjoying the beach.  Kids love the beach.  Running, splashing, jumping, squealing – kids do, while adults are more content to sit, watch, read and limit movements.

After a few miles, I got the laptop and headed to the pool to work on this.  Got a gin & tonic and wrote until the other half showed up.  No luaus, boat trips, tours or much else besides eating too much, but this is only the first day.


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