Let’s Take a Tebow

First, better luck next year Denver. The New England Patriots put an end to the Broncos’ season over the weekend, laying a 45-10 beat down on the Mile High kids. The loss has not put an end to the talk about Denver quarterback Tim Tebow. I’m okay with the deconstruction of his quarterbacking ability during the season. Perhaps his mechanics need work. Maybe John Elway should be spending more time talking to Tim about improving his work on field than telling the various media what he thinks Tebow needs to do. After all, he is the Bronco’s executive vice president of football operations. Anyway, the kid may not be the best technical QB out there, but he’s big, tough and has shown an ability to pull games out of the jaws of defeat.

Tim on one knee: From Reuters

So, honestly, if there’s enough stuff going on with Tebow on the field, why has there been so much attention paid to what he does off – by that, I mean the taking the knee business? I’ve been watching athletes pray, cross themselves, kneel, point to the heavens – any number of things during events for years. If an individual wants to make an exclamation of their faith, why should anybody else care? Sure, it takes attention away from the sporting event, but it’s a football game, nothing more. And haven’t we seen football players take a knee in seemingly dozens of football movies? “Rudy,” “Knute Rockne, All American,” John Wayne’s “Trouble Along the Way…” I think all three of those films also have priests encouraging the lads to say a prayer.

Maria "Tebowing" - From AP

Some people complain that Tim’s pushing his faith down our throats, but really – we’ve seen dozens of players from teams all over the league gather at the end of a game to join in prayer. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes have been saying prayers at stadiums all over the NFL. But for some reason, Tim’s knee work has gathered an almost absurd amount of attention. Maria Menounos, the host of “Extra,” was seen Tebowing on the red carpet on her way into the Golden Globes Sunday night. Okay, I don’t watch her show, so this is probably the only time I’m going to see Maria doing anything. I know there have been a lot of folks dropping to a knee to spoof the kid – but really, leave the kid alone. If he wants to pray, that’s his business. It’s not as if Tebow is asking God to ignore everything else to guide his throwing arm – and it’s not as if God would ignore everything to give Tim the hook up – although God could if He wanted, without ignoring anything else. Maybe if we all spent a little more time thanking whoever it is we pray to, we’d be a little more happy with who we are.


Starting Off 2012

It’s not like I didn’t have anything to say in 2011, I just didn’t take the time to put it in the form of a blog. I blog for work, so I have been blogging – it’s just been about stuff my employers have been interested in.

Locally, politics have not been as bats**t crazy as when the former city mayor was in office, so I haven’t had too much to say on the local occurrences. I will say that I’m glad that it’s finally caucus day in Iowa – it’s about time the Republicans narrow their field a little. It certainly seemed like Herman Cain had no idea what he was getting himself into. Having touched a couple of female backsides in my life (usually with at least tacit permission), I know enough that if someone wants to complain, it will most likely happen as soon as you get involved in the most important thing you’ll ever get involved in. Which is why I’m amazed that former House Speaker Gingrich lasted as long as he did. Way too much baggage

Here’s the thing. Since the networks are camping out in Des Moines, Gov. Terry Branstad has been using the attention on Iowa to be hypercritical of Pres. Obama, blaming him for jacking up the national debt “a trillion dollars a year.” No blame for the House Republicans who have been stonewalling any type of progress on fixing the economy. Just playing Fox News’ “class warfare” card, claiming the Administration is freezing job growth by demanding a tax hike for the “job creators.” Of course, while the president has been calling for higher taxes for the super rich, they’re still paying taxes at the Bush tax cut rate. That said, where the heck are the jobs they’re supposed to be creating? They’re not paying higher taxes right now, haven’t been for an Administration and a half – so where are those jobs, again?

Family Fun Time

Stephen and Maria Roberts (Thanks for coming!)

I’m finishing up five days off work, but they’ve been busy enough that it feels like I’ve been working. My sister and her husband were here for the holiday. My TV pal, Joe Larkins, and his lovely bride Bethany Smith, hooked us up with tickets to the Liberty Bowl. The incredibly unseasonable weather made it a nice way to spend an afternoon. After a nice dinner at the new restaurant in the Westin, we wandered over to Beale Street to watch some of the New Year’s Eve run-up. Okay, here’s the funny part. We had to show ID and get scanned to get onto the street. Not as bad as Times Square, but still a tiny hassle. But by the time we leave just before the Tigers game lets out and thousands of additional folks streamed onto the street, the security team had stopped screening people and was enjoying some pizza. I guess it was okay. I watched the Guitar Drop on TV later and everything went off without a hitch. One quibble. Back when WMC was covering NYE, it was a TV show about the event itself. The weird melange of a show WKNO is doing has some live coverage and taped pieces promoting stops along Beale Street. I’d rather have a completely live show. Then I wouldn’t have to turn to Kathy “Look at me, I’ve got a potty mouth” Griffin and Anderson “She embarrasses me every year, and I’m so easily embarrassed” Cooper on CNN. Kathy, don’t take your top off anymore – no one wants to see a 50-year old woman (and her 50-year old breasts) in Time Square.