Let’s See How Long This Lasts…

As I usually do after not blogging for a long while, I thought about opening this entry with a list of things that have been keeping me incredibly busy.  However, that would be disrespectful to those of you actually reading this.  I’m not that busy.  Go to work, go home, occasionally go to trivia, and occasionally go out east to see the gal-pal.  That’s life, but not so much that I couldn’t bang out 500 words on a particular topic from time to time.

Honestly, it’s not that I don’t have time to blog; it’s just determining what, if anything, I want to blog about.  I’ve done weight loss.  I’m fat, I want to be thin, but my thyroid makes losing weight very difficult.  Can’t think of a different way to say that.  I’m gainfully employed, so of course, I don’t want to kvetch too much about the working world.  I certainly want the bosses to think I’m happy.  Guys: I’m happy.  Thanks for the new computer.  I’m glad to see that some people in Memphis are embracing the idea of making it easier for bicyclists to get around – I’d just like to see smoother streets around more of downtown.  Front Street has been nice since it was resurfaced – but you just can’t pedal up and down Front – particularly on weekends when it’s busy at Gus’s Fried Chicken.  When people want their chicken, they don’t give a damn about some guy in bicycle shorts getting in their way.

Of course, there is that old mainstay, racial politics in Memphis.  I’ll be honest; I thought there would be rioting in the streets before county residents accepted the idea of a merged city-county school system.  Could the lack of fight be due to the fact that so many people had already left for DeSoto and Fayette Counties?  I admit to be tickled when I saw in the Commercial Appeal this week that Memphis City Schools superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash had given himself an exceedingly large number of “excellent” ratings on his self review.  Having had the opportunity to interview the doctor, I was quite aware that he has a high opinion of himself and his abilities.  After all, we’ve seen the supremely self-confident approach in that job before (it didn’t seem to hurt Dr. Herenton).  Anyway, would you really want someone in such a demanding position who wasn’t cocksure?  Perhaps not so willing to rub it into everyone’s faces though.

This just brings up an issue I’ve had with the HR world for some time – asking people to review themselves.  Now really, who is going to ding themselves during a self-review?  It’s disingenuous for an employer to put a worker on the spot like that; anyone doing a lousy job surely won’t admit it.  That affects the curve for anyone doing an excellent job and is willing to toot his or her own horn.  Performance reviews are subjective at best and potentially harmful at worst.  Most exist as a way for businesses to pay lip service to the idea of fairly measuring the work done by employees.  If the duties of a job are clearly defined in the first place, any competent supervisor should be able to sit down with an employee on a regular basis and be able to tell them whether they are or are not meeting expectations.  The “meets, partially meets or exceeds” and all the other stuff are ways to create a bell curve to base pay increases on.  I’ve worked in places where I’ve seen bosses work to stack their employees along that curve, and end up re-writing reviews to match those artificial placements.


Okay, I’m finishing this up just as Ohio State gave up an easy touchdown to Miami.  I’m not going to go on about the transgressions of the players who traded trinkets for tattoos; after all, college kids are notorious for having bad judgement.  Jim Tressel however, deserved to lose his job.  After winning a national championship, he could have run for governor of Ohio if he had wanted to.  But failing to report improper activity and then trying to get around it?  That is poor judgement.  It looks like the Bucks are about to give up another 6 to Miami.  This is going to be a loooong night.  I just hope Terrell Pryor  gets a lot of time on the field for Oakland.  It’s not the easiest place for a QB.

Coming Soon...

Here’s some good news; I took a quick ride over to Mud Island to pick up a couple of sundries from Miss Cordelia’s before Kroger reopens the Schnuck’s location on Union tomorrow.  I see the Bass Pro Shop folks have put a couple of semi trailers in the north and south parking lots of the Pyramid.  Doesn’t mean that they’re going to start building anytime soon – but it’s something.