Random Thoughts

Blue Collar Bowl

Green Bay dominated on its way to the NFC Championship. I thought that Chicago would have done a little better, but the one thing the Bears do consistently is raise doubts among their fans. Even though the Jets were able to come part of the way back, Pittsburgh was just as dominant on the AFC side. It’s nice to see two blue collar, small market towns in the Super Bowl. And even though both Pittsburgh and Green Bay are small TV markets; the relative size of those areas won’t hurt the TV audience during the championship game. And because of the revenue-sharing makeup of the NFL, it’s possible for small market teams to not only be competitive, but actually dominate. Not so in Major League Baseball, where it would be amazing to see the Pirates and the Brewers in the World Series. Time for profit-sharing MLB.

See Ya, Keith

Good Night and Good Luck

So there’s a programming change at MSNBC. The network, which has managed to pass CNN in prime time programming (not hard, really), has parted ways with Keith Olbermann, its biggest personality. Okay, here’s a guy who’s worked for CNN, ESPN, Fox as well as several major market TV stations – and managed to leave most of them on bad terms.

Keith is smart, well-spoken and has strong opinions. That’s a pretty good thing for the host of an opinion show on cable TV. It would seem that he’s also a bit high strung, which may be why he keeps butting heads with the people who run the organizations where he works. I’m sure that after a little time off, someone will put the guy back on TV. My opinion? When that happens, you should take a pill big man. You’re good at what you do, but don’t go looking to make enemies of the people you work for.

Sowing and Reaping

One Thing Leads to Another

I know that the chairman of the Shelby County Schools would prefer not to have the Memphis City Schools surrender its charter, forcing a takeover by the county schools. However, if David Pickler had not floated the idea of the county seeking special district status, it’s possible that all this noise would not have occurred. That change in status would have set permanent boundaries for the county system, avoiding future annexation by the city schools. But, the Memphis Schools determined that it would probably not survive if it couldn’t grow – or at least expand its tax base into more prosperous parts of the county.

So Dave, did you not think the city schools would act once you made a move to cut off future sources of revenue?


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