Nothing Like Getting Older


Light it up!


I had a birthday Saturday. Turned 54. That means there are more behind me than ahead of me. And considering the size of my retirement account, I’m going to be working for a lot more of the years ahead than I’d like to. Anyway, one of the things about birthdays is how people respond to that day. Most times, your family, close friends and the people you work with will always say something.


It's my birthday!


The advent of Facebook makes it a whole lot easier for people to touch base with their friends and acquaintances. While not everyone may call or send a card, it’s really easy to send a nice thought to a friend’s page. I had half a thought that I might not get many notes, since my birthday was on Saturday. Still, my page was crowded with notes from tons of friends, including many current and former co-workers. Even on John Lennon’s 70th birthday. Of course, not everybody’s a Lennon fan, so that probably wouldn’t keep people from saying “hey.”

My girlfriend treated me to dinner at Rain, a sushi restaurant in Cordova. I also had a chance to get my oil changed while in the area, but dinner was a much nicer experience. I don’t do many restaurant reviews, but the food was really good and the ambience was very nice. Classy, but not overly fancy.

Anyway, because of the weight-loss contest on work (going on a little too long), I’ve dropped some pounds and because of my Vibram Five-Finger shoes, my annoying knee pain has dropped to almost nothing. So, getting older, while kind of a drag, isn’t as much of a drag as it could be. Take care of yourselves kids, it’ll make getting older a little bit easier.


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