Foreign-born Muslim

Is that the third line on President Obama’s business card? Right after his name and the line that says “President of the United States.” I have to wonder. Brian Williams asked the president about the fifth of Americans polled who believe that the president isn’t a Christian. He noted that he couldn’t very well go around with his birth certificate stapled to his head. That wouldn’t help. Some of these folks could have been in the health department office in Honolulu the day Obama was born, could have processed the certificate themselves, but would deny it’s legitimacy now because Rush, Sean & Glen tell them to. Honestly, are people taking stupid pills? As far as the Muslim thing goes, I wonder if we asked those people, whether they’d turn out to be many of the same people who were apoplectic during the campaign over statements by Jeremiah Wright, the president’s former pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ. Please folks, make the connection. He’s a natural-born American citizen, from Hawaii, one of the United States and is a practicing Christian. It’s really okay if you don’t agree with his policies or his politics. It’s not necessary to make up stuff to try and negate his legitimacy as president. He’s in there, for at least 3 more years. Suck it up and build support for Gov. Palin, or whoever it is you want to replace him.

Speaking of the governor, and Mr. Beck and their little meeting on the National Mall, probably the less said the better. Except that America has not lost its honor just because you folks aren’t getting what you want. Suck that up too. It’s somewhat disingenuous for Mr. Beck to say he wasn’t aware of the significance of the date chosen for his rally. He’s a demagogue, but not necessarily stupid… no matter how stupid he may sound.

Here’s the thing about the Tea Party and people who push this whole “conservative” thing. It’s easy to push the whole “we want lower taxes” thing. But I rarely hear any of them list any government services they’re willing to do without in order to justify tax cuts. Fewer cops? Close some schools? No fire department? Fewer roads and bridges? How about cuts in defense? Oh wait, I know – how about getting rid of tax cuts for the wealthy? No, that’ll never happen. Maybe fewer buildings named for powerful members of Congress back in the home districts? Nah, that’ll probably never happen either. And no, don’t trot out the bailouts as a source for money that shouldn’t have been spent. The economic downtown would have been a lot worse without it. And you know that.


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