The Entertainment Committee

The Choices

The girlfriend and I stopped by the Election Commission office last Saturday to early vote. Talk about timing – I was in and out long before either Steve Cohen or Willie Herenton showed up. I’m sorry about that, because I love nothing better than seeing people in competition face each other in situations where one or the other isn’t quite prepared for it. It’s nice to know that the former mayor was willing to act a little foolish with his mother along. That had to make both of them so proud.

Nice flag

Also a nice flag

Speaking of early voting, I actually wrote in a choice for county mayor. While there are actually Fords I like personally, I don’t really know Joe Ford, plus, I have a thing about actually voting for any of them. Here’s my thing about Sheriff Luttrell. Recently, people in custody of his people have had a bad habit of suddenly not being in custody. I’m not completely convinced that either he or his number two, who is running to replace him as sheriff, should be rewarded when the system they have in place to keep heinous criminals off the street doesn’t.


Vote Now!

Okay, I know I don’t blog nearly as much as I used to. I’m not “busier,” but I have been focused on other things. Still, I was kind of disappointed when I was on the Memphis Flyer site the other day. The ballot for the annual Best of Memphis is open for voting. I always enjoy seeing what places, people and events are selected, and which ones I’ve actually agreed with. I was the tiniest bit disappointed when I got to the Best Blog category and quickly saw that this blog was not listed (shocking, I know!).

It's Good Reading!

I mean, c’mon, what’s a brother gotta do? Blog every day? Write about things that interest and entertain large number of Memphians? Geez Louise – you may as well ask for blood – I’m a busy man! Okay, here’s a tease – I’m been purposely bulking up. The team at work wants to do another weight loss challenge. I barely missed winning the last one, and my doctor’s still on me about losing weight, so I’ve got the motivation to jump in with both feet again. I’ll be keeping you apprised. Oh, and if you want to write me in on the Memphis Flyer “Best Of” ballot, it won’t hurt my feelings.

Playing Host

The Kids Are Alright

I took a day off this week because my sister’s son came down for a visit. Eddie’s a pretty sharp guy, working on his master’s at Valparaiso University in Indiana. He brought a friend along. During his year on a church mission in South Africa, he met a nice young lady from Germany named Natalie Zaiss. She’s in the U.S. to visit him (women will travel the world for us Johnson men… oh, it’s true). They got into town just in time to provide an assist to my trivia team on Monday night. I ferried them around Memphis, showing them the sights on Tuesday. Most of what I showed them was around downtown, since I live there. Pyramid, Mud Island, Main St. Trolley, Chisca Hotel, Mason Temple, National Civil Rights Museum (which I didn’t know was closed on Tuesday) and Jackie Smith.

Duck! You Suckers!

I took them into the Peabody to see the ducks in the lobby fountain, and it turned out we were there just in time to see the duckmaster bring the fellas downstairs so they could go to work. Red carpet, velvet ropes, throngs of people lined up outside the middle elevator. In 11 years of living in Memphis, that was actually a first for me. After ribs for lunch, I took them by to see local raconteur Joe Larkins and his lovely wife Bethany Smith. I’m going back to work on Wednesday, but I’ve suggested the Civil Rights Museum, the Stax Museum and Graceland. Fortunately, all air conditioned facilities.

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