Things Have Slowed Down a Bit…

It’s not quite the doldrums of summer, but the post Fourth of July holiday seems to have pushed the pace of life down a bit.


Last week was interesting. I went on a liquid diet on Tuesday, in advance of a colonoscopy on Friday. I had one scheduled a few weeks ago, but the stuff you take that keeps you in the bathroom the night before the procedure didn’t do its job. Well, the second time was the charm. When you follow the instructions precisely, it’s going to be a party. Not eating can get to be kind of a drag. The first day, I was putting back Ensure, which ensured I was keeping my calorie count up. The last two days though, being limited to clear liquids, things were tougher. I was sucking down either chicken or beef broth and lime Jello. My co-worker Javier wondered what chicken broth was like. It’s like chicken noodle soup… without the noodles.

Yer ol' pal Cos'...

The Jello also gave me the chance for Javier to notice my incredibly slight resemblance to Bill Cosby. That gave me the chance to do my Cosby impression. I never quite saw it, but people have been telling me that I looked like the Cos’ since I was 10. I’ve had the chance to work on my impression on and off, for 40 years. Javier practically busted a gut. Our boss Jonathan, who considers himself quite the Cosby fan, didn’t quite hear the Cos’ in what I was doing. Oh well.

The procedure went well. Of course, when you get juiced up with Demerol and Valium, things go well, even if they don’t. I was pretty much cleaned out this time, so the doctor had no problems with the garden hose he was using on me. You’re told that you’ll feel some “pressure.” You do, believe me. Especially when the tube reaches the end of line. As far “under” as I was, I almost complained a couple of times, ’cause it seemed like the doctor wanted to punch the end of the tube through the other side of my colon.

The downside was having to wait an additional four hours after the procedure before I could actually eat solid food again.  I’m glad I was able to wait 53 years for this, and I’m glad I can wait 10 years before going through it again.

Red, White & Boom!

I spent the Fourth in Cordova with the lady friend. When there are fireworks at Tom Lee Park, I can see them from my living room. I wasn’t surprised when they scaled back this year’s celebration and fired off a smaller display from a Beale Street rooftop. I heard on the news that a lot of communities had taken similar measures because of the economy. So, instead of schlepping down to Beale for a little display, I spend a delightful day with her family and watched the Boston Pops and the Boston fireworks on TV.

Now that the annual trivia tournament is over, I was ready to get back into the swing of things Monday with our regular game at the Blue Monkey. But, whenever it’s a holiday Monday, no one shows up. Well, it was my team and a couple of young women I used to work with. That wasn’t enough for the boss at the restaurant to want to go ahead with the game. I felt bad for Chris, the trivia jockey. He had rushed back from Jackson just to get there by 8pm.

Got a few things on tap for the rest of the short week.  Things should pick up on Tuesday.


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