Has It Been a Year?

Screed Gems

My little repository of random thoughts has gone through a number of changes since I kicked things off (This is post #200, so it’s kind of a milestone). Due to a sudden lack of employment, I had the opportunity to write about nearly anything that came to mind. I started by looking at the experience of being jobless in a down economy.

On the Job

Fortunately, that situation didn’t last too long. I was unemployed from April 4 through June 1 of last year. Which means today is an anniversary. I began working at Running Pony Productions one year ago. There are a lot of differences between working for a Fortune 500 corporation versus a locally-owned company with fewer than 25 employees. One thing, if one of the big bosses has an issue, they’re going to deal with it face-to-face. While a lot of the people I worked with at FedEx have met Fred Smith on numerous occasions, I’ve still never seen him in person. Heck, I almost ran Ted Turner over once when I was working for CNN, so I know it’s possible to cross paths with the swells from time to time.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel in my new job. I actually logged more air miles at RPP in 2009 than in 25 years in TV news. Of course, that just means I was never really one of the marquee reporters who got the trips in the old days. Channel 3 did send me to Nashville once. And to Camp Kia Kima in Arkansas. Those were the only two overnight trips I ever had in news.

The Good Ole Days

Anyway, once I started working, I had the good luck of timing when it came to new topic material. Because of former Mayor Herenton, we had some of the most rollicking good times any political junkie could ask for. I just hope he takes the congressional race seriously and turns the joint out! I’m not saying I want him to get elected; I just want him to seriously act out – honestly, he’s wackier than Mongo at times.

Smooth Sailing?

Speaking of travel; I’ve never really taken too many pleasure trips in my life. It’s really a shame to be my age and say that. Most of my personal travel has been taken up with visits to friends and family. However, I’m getting ready to spend a few days on a great big boat, spinning around the Caribbean. We’re not going anywhere near BP’s Wild World of Oil, so I’m happy about that. Small world announcement: it turns out that 3 of us in the traveling group used to work at Channel 3. And two other former Channel 3 employees now live and work on the Cayman Islands, one of the stops on the trip! It always seemed a little like FedEx’s TV unit was WREG-East, with all the former coworkers I ran into out there. Now they’re establishing international outposts. Cool. Pictures and stories after I return.

I wonder what’s going to be going on next year?

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