Tweaking the Look

The Hostess with the Most-est

The Guest of Honor

This isn’t a full post. Sort of a post-ette. I was at Carey Hoffman’s downtown Memphis home the other day for a going-away party. Jillian Reese, a 14-year veteran of FedEx One, is leaving her job as a producer/editor to attend nursing school. Dale Pearce, one of the production guys in the department (lighting expert), is also trying his hand at photography.

The Happy Couple

He took a bunch of shots at the party, including several of me and the gal pal, Pam Roberson. The clarity and definition of the shots is so good, you can tell I needed a shave. Anyway, she dropped off a CD of all the pictures he got of us. There was an extra, a shot of the Mississippi looking toward the old bridge at sunset. It looked good enough for me to replace the old picture I was using of the Hernando DeSoto bridge at sunset.

So, I’ve updated the updated look.


About Doug Johnson

I spent 25 years in the news business, working in print, radio and television. After a steady rise to the middle, I made the leap to the private sector, which chewed and then tried spitting me out after 2 years. I zigged (instead of zagging) into a position in television production.
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2 Responses to Tweaking the Look

  1. carey hoffman says:

    GREAT pic of you and Pam!

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