Keeping Up

I know that I’m not cranking these out as often as I once did. It’s not that the ideas aren’t there, it’s just trying to make the time to sit down and do it. Of course, the other thing is that it makes it tougher for people interesting in reading the thing. I guess some people see the updates on my Facebook page or on my Twitter page. As far as Twitter goes, that’s about all I use it for anymore.

And Improved!

So, one of the things I thought I would do is try a fresh, new look. The folks at WordPress have come up with a new theme, “Twenty Ten.” Is a bit cleaner, with a slightly bigger font than my old theme, “Ocean Mist.” Dramatic new look, same old content. Will you look at me more if I’m artificially better looking? I feel like Pam Anderson all of a sudden. Okay, maybe not.

I know it can be a hassle to check a blog every day to see if there are any updates. I used to go through that with a lot of other folks, waiting for Joe Larkins to break down and write something when he was blogging regularly. One of the nice things about Word Press is that they actually make it easy for people to keep track of the blogs you’re interested in reading. I found that you can add a little subscription box to the top of the blog page that lets people plug in their email address so they can get updates when there’s a new blog. In fact, I added it to my page a couple of months ago, thinking that the regular readers would sign up. It’s in a little box in the upper right that reads like this:

Tired of checking everyday to see if I’ve written something new? Click to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email!

Okay, the only thing about this is that you can let yourself in for some disappointment when you do something like that. I decided to see how many of my faithful readers had taken advantage of the feature. I guess it’s fairly easy to click through from Facebook or just to bookmark the blog itself. Often, the fine folks at the Main Street Journal are kind enough to include me in their listing of local blogs. It’s also an excellent compendium of local news. Check it out, it’ll save you from jumping from site to site on your own.

Up to Date

Anyway, it seems that one person has taken advantage of the subscription feature. One. But, like I mentioned, maybe everybody else is getting the blog somewhere else. Of course, if I don’t think that way, I’d be mighty depressed. Since I’m not really writing that often, it shouldn’t be that much of an issue. I’m pretty happy that anyone reads these things at all.

Now, don’t go and subscribe to the blog if you haven’t been a regular reader. If you’ve been finding it some other way, please keep on doing that. And as always, comments, criticisms and even complaints are welcome. Complaints are more welcome if they’re about somebody else.


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