(Not the) Endorsement Issue

It’s nice to have your judgment borne out by events; not to reinforce the idea that you’re right about something, more so to give you the idea that you’re not completely wrong.

Get out and vote!

I’ve been telling people since I moved back to Memphis 3 years ago that in my opinion, Deidre Malone would be a good candidate for Shelby County mayor. That is, once AC Wharton decided he wanted to do something else, which of course, would be predicated on Willie Herenton deciding that he wanted to do something else. I know Deidre from her time at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where I was always impressed with her ability. So was the hospital, since they eventually made her a VP of communications before she left to start her own business.

Nicer than the office she had when I worked with her!

Once the former city mayor decided that he wanted to be a former mayor, giving the county mayor an opening to move across the plaza into City Hall, Deidre had her chance to join two other Democrats in the primary for Shelby County mayor. Interesting that anyone would want the job when you consider that the outcome of city-county consolidation could make the job go away, but I guess it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Anyway, since early voting has begun for the May primary, the Commercial Appeal has begun the process of making endorsements for the various positions. I don’t know that there’s a legitimate need to make an endorsement in the Republican primary for mayor (sorry if that offends any Lunati supporters, but Sheriff Luttrell is quite a formidable candidate). But it was nice to see the CA come out for Malone on the Democratic side.

Don't take my word for it!

While I think the world of Deidre and am convinced that she would be an excellent mayor; I’m not actually endorsing her. One, I don’t really think any opinion I’d have on the subject would amount to that proverbial hill of beans that we’ve all heard about.  And two, it would be unfair to my place of business, since there’s the possibility that we could end up working for any candidate, and it’s better not to show really overt favoritism before the fact.

Basically, what I’m saying here is that I’m pleased with myself that the newspaper has pretty much validated my earlier judgment for many of the same reasons I had used in the first place. You however, should use your own best judgement and vote for one of the 5 candidates in the two primaries (or write in your own)!


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