Monday Morning


We’re in that “in-between” time in Memphis. It’s warmer out, but not so humid that it feels like someone has dropped a hot, wet blanket over the city. You want to be outside as much as possible, hoping you don’t choke on all the tree pollen. I left the window open in the spare bedroom for a couple of days and found the entire room covered in yellow dust the other day. I’m glad that my allergy problems come from grass pollen (so I’ve still got some time before I’m completely miserable). When it’s like this you wish the bosses would decide to “have work outside,” but they rarely do that.  It really cuts into productivity.

What's the answer?

And while I wish the weekend lasted one more day, Mondays do provide the chance to get back to work and make some progress on all those seemingly never-ending projects. Of course, I can look forward to after work too. My Monday trivia team, “the Producers,” has racked up enough points to qualify for the big money tournament at the end of June. The Tuesday team I was playing on, “Sean’s Fan Club,” named for a Memphis photographer of some note, may also have enough points to get into the tournament. The new Tuesday team I’m on is playing at Huey’s Midtown. “Carey’s Crusaders” is named after the person who basically put the team together. One thing I’ve found is that it’s hard to study for trivia. There’s a lot of pointless information out there.  You never know what they’re going to ask about (well, actually, there is a way to find out, but I’m not going to share it with anyone in town).

Tiger's Travails

The other good thing about Monday is that the Masters golf tournament is over. I certainly don’t condone cheating of any kind, but I actually have to agree with what Tiger was saying several months ago. What happens in his family is really none of my business. He stays married? None of my business. His wife splits, taking the money and the kids? Still none of my business. Elin clocks him with a rolling pin? Funny, but not my business either. Now that he’s played in a tournament and taken unrestricted questions, I’m hoping that we cam move him back to the category of golfer and forget about his tribulations. Bad judgment in sports figures is really nothing new, is it?


One thought on “Monday Morning

  1. I agree with your thoughts on Tiger. None of our business. We all make decisions that we would not make in hindsight. Sports figures and celebrities have to share theirs with the world which is a shame. It truly is none of our business.

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