Hello World (I’m Still Here)!

It was a year ago today that I started this blog as a reaction to getting laid off from FedEx. I said at the time that I was going to use the blog as a way to catalog some of the things I was going through, having become one of millions of unemployed Americans. That didn’t last long as a reason to blog. Rod Starns and Jonathan Epstein, the guys who own & run Running Pony Productions, gave me a job less than two months after I got laid off. I have to think the economy is getting better; they’ve hired two other full time employees since they brought me on board.


There are some good people working at my former place of employment. And it’s still a business that was based on a very good idea that has been executed very well. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that there are some real chowderheads still working there. Have you ever noticed that those folks usually find a way to get bypassed when a company is downsizing? Beside dodging the axe and holding meetings, I’m not quite sure what value they add to an organization. C’est la vie, as the man said.

I’ve touched on some of these things over the succeeding months. One, when you go through a trauma, you find out who your real friends are. Support can come from some pretty unexpected places when you’re going through hard times. That’s when you learn that some of the people you know like you a lot more than you ever thought they did. You also learn that a lot of them respect you a lot more than you thought they did. Unfortunately, you also find out that some people don’t have as much use for you once you’re not in a position to do as much for them anymore. Of course, they might just be turned off by neediness. Unless it’s theirs.

The Happy Couple

I can’t say I met a good woman who has helped me get through all this. Turned out that I already knew her. It’s interesting how you may want to end up with one person but it takes you all kinds of time to realize that they just aren’t going to like you like that. In the meantime, it takes about the same amount of time to figure how that there’s someone else who likes you just fine, once you start paying attention. Yes, I know it happens in the movies all the time, and I know that all life’s lessons are taught by the movies. Plus, it keeps my wonderful mother from giving me all kinds of grief over being the only one of the kids who’s “alone.”

Happier Working

I’ve been back in Memphis for three years now, almost two years in the first home I’ve ever owned (along with the bank) and coming up on one year in my new job. We’ve got a black president and the world hasn’t ended (it probably won’t, but it will keep the ratings high at Fox News, look what Bill Clinton did for them!). Politics continue to be half crazy in Memphis (completely crazy when a Ford or Herenton is involved!). I’ve only been in two car accidents since I’ve been back (double the number I’d been in for the first 23 years I’ve been driving). And my ex-wife still isn’t speaking to me (don’t ask).

All in all, even with the job thing and falling out with a couple of people, it’s been a pretty good year. I ‘m not suggesting that any of you lose a job to test that theory. And as Joe Larkins pointed out to me the other day, if I wrote more, he’d read more. I’m going to try and do that. I hope to have another progress report next April.

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