I can’t say that I’m shaken up at the results of Tuesday’s vote on the Ole Miss campus. More than 33-hundred members of the student body voted. A vast majority voted that they wanted a say in a search for a new mascot for the school. Honestly, they didn’t have the best choice; it was either vote to find a new mascot or vote to have no mascot at all.

Gotta Go

Okay, I have friends who attended the University of Mississippi; I’m sure the educational quality of the institution is fine. Banning the Confederate battle flag and deciding that a caricature of a southern gentleman shouldn’t be an on-field mascot were both good ideas. In this day and age, either are just offensive to a lot of people. Please don’t bring up the heritage or history of paying tribute to a proud past. When the history is slavery and subjugation, it’s a decent thing to let that past go and build toward a new future. Besides, C-Reb didn’t officially start showing up on the sidelines of Ole Miss games until 1979. That’s not much of a history.

Welcome to the Grove

I have to admit I’m tickled by the efforts of Reb supporters trying to build a case by saying the mascot was actually patterned after a black man. If you were really trying to honor the guy, you would have made the actual mascot black, too. I never quite got the point of the several Southern states that include some version of the Confederate flag in their state flags. Again, if your history ends up p-o’ing half your population, what are you proving? Let’s move on. Anyway, you’ve still got the Grove – Hotty Toddy!


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