I didn’t think I was miserable…

…but according to Forbes magazine, the high crime rate and the poor performance of the Grizzlies should be enough to make me sorry I moved back here. Oh, then there’s the rate of government employees committing crimes.

The magazine has its own misery measure and this year’s list ranks Memphis right up there with Stockton, California and a couple of Michigan’s shining lights, Flint and Detroit. I know things have been tough the last year or so. Heck, I got laid off almost a year ago. And my car’s been run into twice in the last two years. Oh, and did I mention that my car battery died today? I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to put AAA on speed dial.

Bridge to Nowhere?

I like the fact that the picture Forbes uses for Memphis is of the monorail over to Mud Island, a place where very few people seem to be going. Of course there’s the Pinch District branch of Bass Pro Shops… you know, the one shaped like a pyramid? And then there’s the preservations’ effort to protect the empty, crumbling buildings of Overton Square, instead of supporting efforts to put in new businesses.

So, if consolidation succeeds, will everyone in the unincorporated areas be as miserable as the folks inside the city limits? And then there’s the email I got from DowntownMemphis.com. They’re urging folks to head down to the City Council committee hearing next week on the ordinance to crack down on aggressive panhandling. I know times are tough for a lot of folks, but there probably are a few people who take asking for help to an extreme. If council acts, there’s going be a few more miserable people.


One thought on “I didn’t think I was miserable…

  1. Ugg… I’m so sick of these magazine articles and the categories they come up with to measure the unmeasurable. Actually – supported scientific research uses categories like amount of sunshine, religious involvement, volunteerism and support of friends as measurements of happiness. Think Memphis would score well in those categories.

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