Ford in Their Future?

I turned on the TV Sunday morning; the first thing I saw was Harold Ford Jr. on Meet the Press, talking about politics. David Gregory spent a little too much (in my opinion) trying to nail him on the whole whether he’s been paying New York State taxes. Don’t worry Dave, between living in Manhattan and working at Morgan Stanley, he’ll pay his share. Got up Monday and turned on the TV, the first thing I saw was Harold Ford Jr. on CBS This Morning. It’s amazing. MSNBC has suspended his analyst contract while he’s exploring a run for the U.S. Senate, and he’s actually on TV more.

Mr. & Mrs. Ford

I’m not hating on Junior. One thing I agree with is the point that his interracial marriage will go down a little bit easier with the folks in New York than it will with the people in some parts of Tennessee. Shouldn’t be that way, but it definitely is. And why not run for Senate in a state that has a tradition of electing people who don’t necessarily have strong ties to the place (think Robert Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, maybe even John Foster Dulles, who was much more a product of Washington than he was of New York).

Maybe I’m old school; but I always thought a little more of Harold Sr. as the representative of the Ninth District of Tennessee. It always seemed to me that his connection to the area was much stronger than Junior’s. Junior didn’t grow up here, didn’t go to school here, didn’t work here. Seemed to me like he just came to town when Dad was ready to retire and he happened to have a very good name for someone who wanted to replace a guy named Harold Ford in Congress.

Kirsten & Hillary

There’s also nothing wrong with holding different opinions on the issues of the day than you used to. Junior has already said he’s rethought some issues and has just changed his mind on things. That hasn’t completely kept some people from calling flip-flop on the former Congressman. Look, if the folks of New York want him, they’ll vote for him. A lot of people wondered how Hillary was going to speak to issues of people upstate when she ran for the Senate. She did her “listening tours” and convinced enough voters to put her into office. Kirsten Gillibrand was lucky enough to be serving in Congress when Democrats needed a replacement for Clinton. Now she has the bully pulpit of her current office to run for reelection. It’s uphill all the way for Junior. It’s hard to unseat an incumbent. There’s a chance that he and former Mayor Herenton will have something to compare notes on after Election Day.

We Missed You


So, everything can’t go the way you’d like them to. Our Monday trivia trio was a duo, because somebody decided to stay home and play with her new puppy. I didn’t think she was going to go through with getting the dog, but she did. And she also decided she’d rather spend time with the dog than us. Not that it’s her fault, but we could only manage second place at the Blue Monkey downtown. The big tournament starts next month, hopefully, we’ll have this all worked out by then.


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