What, Again?

So, we’ve had a couple of snowstorms in the last few weeks.  During a really nice Saturday the forecasters were telling us there was a chance of another inch or two of snow just in time for Monday’s rush hour. By Sunday night, that changed in some places to a threat of an inch of wet snow. The guy on Channel 13 just said one to 3 inches. Of course, I joined a lot of other people in washing the car when it was sunny Saturday, so it figures there’s going to be a mess on the streets tomorrow.

Snowmaggedon 2010!

My big wonder is whether, if the snow is particularly deep, whether everything will shut down again. It’s kind of nice to get an unexpected day off, especially when it’s on a Friday or Monday, providing that 3-day weekend. It does put you behind at work though. I saw how the snow shut down Washington DC most of last week, costing the Feds millions of dollars in lost productivity. I never expect to get out of work, mostly because of my news career. When you work in news, you never get a day off. Amazingly, when travel is the most difficult, that’s when news crews are expected to travel the most. So good luck to the news guys if Monday sucks.

Big Willie’s Back

Photo by Jackson Baker, Memphis Flyer

I, for one, am heartened by the recent announcement of the former mayor. If you missed it, Willie Herenton made it official; he’s a candidate for the Ninth District seat in the House of Representatives. He’s taking a not surprising approach to encourage voter support. Rather than point to his often contentious tenure as mayor of the city of Memphis, he’s making note of his view that to get quality representation, all the black folk in the Ninth need a rep who resembles them. Not to make too much of a point of it, but I’m not tall, retirement age, grumpy or under investigation by the Feds. What’s that? Oh, he just means black. Otis Sanford at the Commercial Appeal gives the doctor of education a nice firm smack down by comparing him, politically, to Sarah Palin. Ouch. Stand by, this campaign is about to get silly. I can’t wait.


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