Winter Wonderland

Snow Time!

I’m not going to go down that well-traveled road. You know the one. Whenever there’s any significant snowfall south of the Mason-Dixon line, everyone who learned to drive up north expresses a level of amazement that everything shuts down. I did the story too many times when I was a reporter. Since heavy snow is much more rare, there aren’t as many plows or as much sand and salt down here.


The forecasters had been talking about snow since last week, so I wasn’t terribly surprised by snow today. They didn’t make as big a deal about it as the storm that blew through a week or so ago. But, when the clock radio went off, I did notice that neither Drake nor Zeke made it in from Southaven or Germantown today. Since I got up early enough to get in to work early, it was still dark, so I didn’t look outside until I was showered and shaved. Once I did see how deep it was, I was kind of anticipating the call from work telling us to stay home.

The message came in right about that time, making me a little sorry that I hadn’t slept late; that way, I could have just stayed in bed. I looked outside to see if the Commercial Appeal had made it to my doorstep; it took me a couple of minutes to find it under the snow.  A few minutes later, the satellite went out for a minute, so I went out with a broom to brush off the dish; while I was out there, I went ahead and took care of the sidewalk in front of my house. Last storm, I found out that the sun doesn’t shine on my side of the street this time of year, so none of the ice melted for about a week. So now, at least one of the townhouses on Carolina has a clear sidewalk.

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