I Haven’t Been Well…

Cold-Sufferer's Best Friend

I’ve been struggling with a cold the last few days. I tried to ignore the scratchy throat in the mornings, especially since it would clear up later in the day. That lasted until Friday, when the congestion, headache, runny nose and sneezing caught up with me. I started the Zicam that morning, followed quickly by a does of DayQuil.  I took care of one thing at work and headed to Kroger, where I loaded up on chicken soup, NyQuil, more Zicam and Cold-Eze. Then it was straight home. After a few minutes of watching “The View,” I lapsed into a cold medication-induced coma. Except getting up for medication refills, I was pretty much asleep from about 10:30 Friday morning until about 2:30 Saturday afternoon. I felt better than I had before, but didn’t necessarily feel good.

You can never really be sure of where you picked up a cold. I did stop by a hospital this week; there’s always a good chance of getting sick when you’re around a hospital. Especially when you brag to a co-worker that you’ve managed to get through cold & flu season without a cold or the flu. That’ll show me.

I Feel Like He Looks

It’s tough to get anything accomplished when you feel like crap. I hadn’t felt like blogging for a while. I was reminded of that Saturday evening when the lovely Peggy Dierssen asked me on Facebook whether I was still blogging. Yes dear. It was Larkins that gave it up… because he couldn’t take the heat — could you Joe? Could you!? Sorry, I think that’s the NyQuil talking. I’ve been a tad lax on a number of things lately , including blogging. I’m hoping to get back on the ball, once I feel a little better.

It’s the Little Things…

Almost Perfect

As I mentioned, I finally got my car back from the body shop. Yes, it took an incredibly long time. The first thing I noticed was that a lot of drivers don’t seem to notice my car on the road. It does have a low profile, which may make it harder to notice. That may have played a role in that kid smacking into me a few weeks ago.  Some goober in a black Mercedes almost did the same thing on 55 the other day. It may be time for something a little bigger.

The car itself runs fine, although I’d gotten used to driving bigger rentals and borrowed cars over the last month and a half. Now, the first time I went to put gas in the car, the little door that covers the gas cap wouldn’t close. A delayed effect of the wreck, probably. The upside is that the guy who runs the repair shop told me to bring the car back in in 30 days to make sure things are still working. So hopefully, I’ll be able to get it fixed…

Excuse me now, I’ve got to go blow my nose.

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