No One Gets Up Early

Once again, I’m on assignment. This time, I’m in the Pacific Time Zone, spending some quality time in Palo Alto and San Jose, California. Stanford is a beautiful campus, but, as often happens in this part of the country, it’s cloudy, wet & chilly. But only on our shoot days. The day we got here and the day we leave should be nice. That won’t really help picking up exterior video.

Will in the Lift

The Lobby

We’re up the street from Stanford, in downtown Palo Alto at the Cardinal Hotel. It’s one of those historic old California hotels, 86 years old, with many of the original architectural touches still in place. Even the elevator has an outer door that you have to hold open while the interior door slides open. You almost expect a guy in a uniform on the inside asking “what floor, mac?”

Here’s the thing. Everyone is nice. The bike lanes on and off campus are huge. But – except for the Starbucks around the corner – we haven’t been able to find a single restaurant in the area that opens for breakfast before 7am. Not one. Nothing wrong with Starbucks, but a place with tables and food that’s not zapped in a microwave would be nice.

Waiting, Watching, Wondering

Back on December 6, I mentioned that I had taken my car to Gordon’s Auto Body on Beale Street after it was hit on Kirby Parkway. They were backed up at the time, and because of that, told me it could be Christmas before I got my car back. Apparently, they were busier than they thought, because the week it was supposed to be done they told me that it would definitely be the week of New Year’s. Okay, I thought.  State Farm was covered 80% of the cost of a rental car, so at least I had a way back and forth. Well, just before New Year’s they told me they were grinding on it (!) and that it would be the week after, ’cause they were so busy. Last week, they were painting, but that was a problem because it was so cold, the paint couldn’t dry. It’s supposed to be done this week.

Of course, Enterprise Rent-a-Car called the after I had heard from the body shop and told me that the insurance company had reached the limit on what they would pay for the rental, and that I had been paying full price for several days. Since I was going out of town, I went ahead and dropped the car off Saturday.

Will the car be ready to pick up this week? Stay tuned.


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