Goodbye to All That

Time brings change. No way around it. Sometimes that change is good. Sometimes it’s not. 2009 has been a very interesting year. Big doings around the world, although I’m a little closer to the things that have been happening around here.

That Way Out

I started the year with one of those “jobs of a lifetime,” but due to one reason or another (depends on what corporate official is doing the explaining and who they’re telling), I was “made redundant,” told my job was “no longer available,” and that it was due to “weakness in the economy.” When you’re less than a year into a 30-year mortgage and two years from giving up a fine position in Atlanta for that “job of a lifetime,” that’s not good news. But, for me and a whole lot of other people, getting used to life without work was a process we had to go through. Heck, it’s the reason I started this blog.

Riding into the Future

For me, the economic recovery began around mid-year, when I was given the opportunity to do exactly what my training and experience qualifies me for (how often does that happen?), when the guys who run Running Pony brought me on board. I’m not even the new guy there anymore – they’ve managed to hire a guy away from one of the local TV stations. Go RPP!

I lost a couple of friends this year. Don’t worry, they didn’t die, they just chose not to associate with me anymore. I think one of them decided I wasn’t in a position to do much for them anymore; the other one got fed up while I was doing something for them. But, I feel like that’s been more than balanced by getting into a stable relationship. If you want to cause conversation among the people you know, change your relationship status on Facebook.

In the Beginning

One friend I haven’t lost is Joe Larkins, although a part of him is going away.  Pal Joey has announced that he’s suspending activity on his blog to spend a little more time doing his real job. I was in Atlanta when Joe started writing (on Blogspot at first, before moving to WordPress).

For me, it was an easy way to maintain some connection to Memphis (hey, you spend 8 years in a town, you may actually want to feel connected). Reading Joe’s blog was a good way to feel like I was still part of the media scene around town. I’d even share the little bit of news I did know about.

Done? Already?

Since I got back in town, Joe and I have been having a semi-regular conversation about whether or not he’d continue working on the blog. It is work. I didn’t used to think that, telling him he should keep up the effort, especially since so many of us enjoyed reading and commenting — he’d get some pretty good conversations going. After starting my own blog, I was able to put something up every day, but after 9 months, it’s gotten pretty tough. So I can imagine that after 4 years, Joe really had run out of things to say.

The First Goodbye

He’s given us proof of that after all. The title of his final WordPress blog is nearly the same as the last one he wrote on Blogspot… Plan, or happy accident? You decide. I’m just impressed he can spell “Auf wiedersehen.” Until we meet again, Joe.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye to All That

  1. “I lost a couple of friends this year. Don’t worry, they didn’t die, they just chose not to associate with me anymore.”

    This is a great line. I’ll have to write that down.

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