Random Views

Sometimes you have to wonder what they were thinking. I’m watching the Robin Williams hour on the Biography Channel. They started out with “Mork & Mindy” clips, which makes sense. Funny show, and Pam Dawber is still pretty good looking for a woman who is nearly 60.

He's in the back, in a hat, next to Frank

Of course, they have to show Robin’s first TV job, the remake of “Laugh In” from 1977. I liked the first version, even though it replaced the “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” on NBC. I guess George Schlatter was eager to see whether lightning would strike twice. It was pretty easy to see that Williams was a pretty funny guy. They showed my favorite clip… Williams as a hayseed meeting Frank Sinatra and noting in his excitement on meeting the singer, “I almost dropped a log!”

He’s still funny, but it sure seems like he’s been riding the same shtick for 30 years.

Does Size Matter?

“That’s what she said.” Seriously though, as I’ve mentioned, I’m riding around in a rental car while the trusty Celica is in the shop for repair work. You get hit in a small car, all of a sudden, you don’t feel too comfortable about not having a little more steel around you.

Big Buick

I’ve been pretty comfortable in the 2010 Buick Enclave I drove off the Enterprise lot last week. They call it a midsize SUV, but as I mentioned last week, it’s pretty honking huge. It’s only got a V6, “sadly underpowered,” according to Motor Trend, but it’s got a buttload of pickup when I compare it to the 10-year old 4-cylinder engine in my Toyota.

The Bluetooth, XM satellite radio, remote start and heated seats are pretty sweet too. However, as nice as it is, I’m not looking for a vehicle with a price range of $35,165 to $40,330. Maybe if that Powerball win comes through…

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