Believing the Hype

Carol Fay, "the Biscuit Lady"

I was on the road over the weekend. I was in the greater Nashville area on Sunday morning and saw that NPT (Nashville Public Television) was running a special on the Loveless Cafe, a converted motor hotel on Highway 100. I’d seen piece on it months earlier on the Travel Channel and thought since I was heading in that general direction, it might be a good idea to stop by. After all, Carol Fay Ellison, “the Biscuit Lady,” has gained a lot of fame cranking out hot fluffy biscuits.

Hot & Fluffy

Of course, any place that has had that kind of publicity is going to draw a pretty good crowd, particularly on a weekend. We got there a little after 11am. I don’t think we sat down until after 1pm. Since we came for breakfast, we had that anyway, although I’ve heard the supper menu is pretty good too. Either way, you get biscuits with every order; in fact, you get a couple right after you sit down. Now, I’m not knocking the place, because the food was fine. But I’m thinking the Biscuit Lady was off last weekend, because those were pretty ordinary biscuits. Good, but not spectacular in any way.

Bob Evans!

In fact, I’d almost have to go back when I knew the Biscuit Lady was on duty to make a final call on whether the biscuits were really what they’re cracked up to be. Unless and until, I’ll have to fall back on my favorite, Bob Evans. It’s a pretty big chain now, but not so much when I was growing up in Ohio. Big, flaky & fluffy. Buy the mix at the restaurant and you can pretty much get that at home too. There’s only one in Memphis, out on Highway 64. There used to be another on Winchester, but it was shut down by the time I moved back to town and was driving by every day. I know every time my Mom comes up to Columbus for a visit, she angles to find someone who’ll take her to the Bob Evans down the street from my sister’s house.

Trying to Get it Right

More than a network, a movement.

I’ve been trying to switch cell phone plans. I’ve been using Credo Mobile (formerly Working Assets Wireless) for years. I started using their long distance service in the late 70s, early 80s. They donate a portion of the bill to non profit causes, which I liked. However, I was spending more than I wanted, plus, the office uses Apple products, including the iPhone. Making the switch was a little bit harder than you’d expect. Credo is a small company that leases its wireless access from Sprint. But, “porting” my old number to my new phone had to be done by hand (I know that sounds strange, but that’s how it came to me). The AT&T rep had to call me when he had not one, but two Credo people on the phone to try and work this out.

Not There Yet

After two weeks, the new phone came today, and getting it activated took a bit longer than it should have. Everything should be fine, but I had ordered a 3Gs 32GB phone. As I was plugging everything in I looked at the box an noticed that they had sent me a 16GB phone. So the drama’s not over. AT&T has got to get me a replacement… and I’ve still got to figure out why my Bluetooth earphone isn’t connecting.

2 thoughts on “Believing the Hype

  1. Bob Evans restaurant? Yuck! Super-duper yuck!!! Although I have a friend who claims that the omelets are pretty good, I have yet to eat anything at Bob Evans that wasn’t disappointing…As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks.

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