Welcome to Memphis…

Welcome Home

Got back to the city after a delightful Thanksgiving holiday with the family. There’s something interesting about airports. There’s always a sign in every airport I’ve been in. The one that says Mayor So-and-So welcomes you to wherever-you-happen-to-be. I flew into the city during the temporary mayoralty of Myron Lowery a few weeks ago. The large brown sign over the escalators heading down to the ground transportation level at Memphis International Airport had read “Mayors Dr. W.W. Herenton and AC Wharton Welcome You to Memphis.” Because of the temporary change at in city leadership because of Dr. Herenton’s retirement, a temporary placard with Lowery’s name had been pasted over Herenton’s.

Of course, the names have changed since then. Lowery has gone back to City Council. Shelby County Mayor Wharton is now Memphis City Mayor Wharton. I didn’t think of that until I got to the escalator Sunday night. An entirely new sign had been installed. The blue sign, obviously added after Wharton had ascended to the city job, read “Mayors AC Wharton and Joyce Avery Welcome You to Memphis.” D’oh! I guess the version of the sign with the name of current county mayor Joe Ford is at the painters. I guess that’s the benefit of having long-serving mayors.

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright…

The Woods

Having been married (and not married), I know I’m not the right person to give anyone marriage advice. So I’m not going to step too far into the car wreck controversy swirling around Tiger Woods. I don’t know why he couldn’t get his SUV out of his own driveway without hitting anything. I don’t know why his wife, Elin Nordegren, had to use a golf club to bust out the window of the SUV. I don’t know know anything about NYC club hostess Rachel Uchitel and whether she’s ever done anything more than show TW to a seat in a club. I’m not even going to try and guess why Uchitel has retained spotlight chasing attorney Gloria Allred.


I do have a couple of questions. If Woods isn’t legally obligated to talk to police, why is the Florida Highway Patrol trying so hard to get a statement? If they thought anything was going on, they should have acted on any suspicions that morning and taken someone in for questioning. Of course, if it was just a situation of Woods missing the end of the driveway, why not talk to police and get it out of the way? If he’s been pitching Buicks for all these years, why was he driving a Cadillac? Okay, that’s not that big a deal, but – since he was in a GM vehicle – why not just call OnStar and have them unlock the doors automatically and skip using a golf club to bust into the car? And would someone so widely recognized step out on his wife and two kids step out with someone who works in such a public arena?

Two last thoughts. David Letterman has got to be glad someone else is in that spotlight… And how long will this keep the sports media in a choke hold?

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Memphis…

  1. I’m just going to throw this out there since no one ever wants to discuss this topic:

    Kanye West has managed to shut his mouth on the whole Tiger Woods drama.

    Thank you Tiger!

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