Don’t Eat Too Much (but if you do…)

I got the chance to make the big drive from Memphis to Little Rock over the last couple of day. We went for a video project, which went very well.  It was cloudy on the day we had to be inside and bright and sunny on the day we had to be outside.  Can’t ask for better than that.

Time for Lunch!

Fine dining in FC!

Anyway, the big part of the trip wasn’t necessarily work, although that went extremely well (nice clients; one from Central Ohio). No, we had to figure out whether we were going to eat lunch on the road or when we got to Little Rock. Will saw a billboard for the Ole Sawmill Cafe in Forrest City; we decided to stop there after a little in-car debate. Good move. Think a local version of Cracker Barrel – gift shop full of knick-knacks when you walk in, then you go through a door into the dining area.

BIG buffet!

What'll have, hon?

Buffet service. According to the website, it’s the longest buffet in Arkansas (I’m taking their word for that). We got there on fried chicken day (as we found out, every day is fried chicken day). It’s been a long time since I’ve had fried chicken good enough to mention it to another person. Crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. The vegetables were cooked to within an inch of their lives, but the lasagna was good, the gravy for the mashed potatoes was outstanding and the place was full of waitresses who called everybody “hon.”

It was good enough that we talked about it after lunch most of the way to Little Rock. And talked about it some more when we had a really bad dinner at a restaurant in downtown LR. Once we finished our shoot the next day, it was coming up on lunchtime, but instead of dining somewhere in town, we decided to wait the hour or so it would take us to drive back to Forrest City so we could hit the Ole Sawmill one more time.

The chicken was good again. I overhead one of the kitchen staff say that he was in the back cooking chicken so fast it didn’t have time to be anything but fresh. The pork chops were pretty meaty too. I had to sleep a few extra hours after getting home because of all the food I ate. I think Will & Dave were feeling it too.

Miles of smiles

So if you’re ever on I-40, take exit 241-A and stop by. They’re open at 6 in the morning everyday of the week and open until 9 at night, except on Friday and Saturday, when they’re open until 10pm. And you can get in there every day of the year except Christmas.


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