Credit Where Credit Is Due

He Gone

I’m one of those people who can admit a mistake (some of the time). I had been a tad critical of some of the local TV coverage of Allen Iverson’s exit from the Grizzlies. There seemed to be a bit too much supposition on his reasons for leaving without any sourcing.

My point at the time was that we should actually wait for something a bit more definitive before throwing AI under the bus. Sure, it was pretty likely that he had walked out on the team because he didn’t want to accept a backup role. But everybody thinking that doesn’t make it reportable, even if it happened to be true.

So, once the Grizzlies waived Iverson, we had a better idea that it was actually true. Of course, I have to note, that even though the team has released the reluctant player, there’s still no confirmation from the man himself that he’s not playing anymore.

Okay, I guess that whole multiple source thing is no longer applicable in journalism. I can accept that. Seems like in some cases, no source is okay too. Kinda cheapens the whole profession, but if that’s the way it goes, I’ll go along.

Making Progress

So Far, So Good?

The Grizzlies have gotten off to a bad start. The Tigers are 1-1, but that one in the loss column was pretty close, and a lot of observers have already accepted this season as a write off. The idea is that Coach Pastner has lined up one of the better recruiting classes in recent memory. So, no matter how the team does this year, they should be gangbusters by next year. Either way, it appears that people are coming to terms with the exit of the former coach.

I’ve only met Pastner once, but he is a pretty personable guy. I can see him being very convincing when it comes to getting recruits to commit to the University of Memphis. And even if he’s not the strongest floor coach, he’s got enough talented help to get by. So, will he be another John Calipari? Another Tic Price? Gene Bartow? Dana Kirk? Larry Finch? Way too soon to know, but I’m thinking that’s not going to stop some fans from building him up… while some others are waiting to tear him down.


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