Has It Been 20 Years Already?


Happy Anniversary!

Just got through the Memphis Flyer’s 20th anniversary issue. The Flyer was a little more than a year old when I moved to Memphis the first time. It’s always been good reading and I think it’s become a pretty big player in the Memphis media scene. I mean, Jackson Baker seems like he’s everywhere there’s politics being committed anywhere in the area.

The Flyer was my first experience with a local weekly, but in the places I’ve lived since (Nashville & Atlanta), and in my home town (Columbus, OH), I’ve seen how good weeklies are often willing to take on subjects that local dailies don’t always want to get into. Of course, while I am a fan, they haven’t seen fit to add me to their list of “Blogs We Like.” Joe Larkins is on the list, but I guess people like him better.

On… or Off?


You can leave your hat on, but take the shoes OFF!

This one courtesy of co-worker Joe Stuber (no, Joe, no payment for the idea). Is it proper etiquette to remove your shoes when visiting someone’s home? One of us thinks it is commonly accepted (and acceptable). The other one of us understands the reasoning behind the idea (comfort, not tracking dirt), but isn’t so sure that it’s really a widespread concept in this society.

The floor is open for your opinions. Thanks in advance for your participation.

One thought on “Has It Been 20 Years Already?

  1. When I was younger, we had a next door neighbor who had a ‘no shoes’ policy. When you entered her home, you could see all the shoes neatly placed on a mat by the door. Out of the hundreds of homes I’ve been to over the years, hers was the only one like that. So I don’t believe it’s a widely accepted practice.

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