Seeing the Light

Like a lot of folks, I’m trying to get used to the change from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time. It’s been a bit of a drag going out to jog after work and it’s already dusk. In the 40 minutes it takes, it’s pretty much night by the time I get back. At least it’s not cold by the time I get outside. I figured that I’d give the morning a shot. I haven’t been running early since the big weight loss contest at work ended.

Sunny & ColdThe good thing is that by the time I walked outside, it was pretty light outside. No worries about somebody not seeing me. Of course, it’s still coming off the overnight chill. I think it was about 44 degrees when I got outside. Had to go with the sweat pants, sweat shirt and gloves. The head phones I use with my iPod are nearly perfect earmuffs.

The other good thing is that I’m able to knock this exercise out early and get on to work with no chance of sleeping late. I gave some thought to an afternoon run, like I had been doing, but thought since I had actually done the right thing by getting up early, I could actually skip the night side. It also gave me a chance to watch the end of “MI-5,” on PBS. I’m kinda glad that the show’s been retitled for the American audience, either on A&E, BBC America or local PBS stations. The original title is “Spooks,” which is of course, a nickname for spies. But, in this country, somebody’s going to get the wrong idea if that’s what the show is called. It kind of reminds me when Tom Bosley was the national spokesman for the “Sambo’s” restaurant chain.

Hmmm?While the chain was named after the founders, Sam Battistone and Newell Bohnett in 1957, the combination was destined to cause problems. And it did.  A lot of the old ones are still standing, although they’re something else now. A bunch are Denny’s. There’s one left, still called “Sambo’s.” It’s in Santa Barbara.


One thought on “Seeing the Light

  1. I remember when Sambo’s tried to repair its image. They created a new company mascot: a grandfatherly chef named Family Sam. It didn’t work.

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