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Tuesday: The New Mayor

Sometimes, it seems like everything falls into place. The weather this weekend was outstanding, which probably boosted attendance at the River Arts Fest on South Main. I went Saturday with a friend. It’s nice to live within walking distance of an event. Memphis is still a small enough town that you can pretty much depend on running into someone you know whenever you’re at a well-attended event. That occurred Saturday. Ran into a couple of people from the immediate past job. I may have been lucky to have just missed the VP over my department about the time I was laid off.

Nice Weekend Fun

Nice Weekend Fun

I did run into Bob Eoff and his wife Bobbi. Now VP of Communications at the University of Memphis, he was General Manager at WREG while I was there. I also ran into Javier Levia from my office. He was there with his lovely wife and lovely daughter (who looks just like him). Besides the chance to run into people, it was a nice opportunity to see all the art and jewelry on display.

Dozens of stands had paintings, photographer, sculpture and mixed media on sale. I’ve heard complaints that there aren’t enough local people with stuff on sale, but it seemed like there was a good number of local artisans on the street. Here’s an observation I heard – you hear a lot of folk music at things like this event. Yeah, although I did hear a nice version of “Proud Mary” in front of the Civil Rights Museum on my Sunday run.

Nice Crowd

Nice Crowd

The big messy New Orleans smoked sausage I had for lunch Saturday was more than enough. Then I had the bright idea of stopping by the Cheesecake Corner for some desert to take home. I’ve never seen as many people waiting for cheesecake as I did Saturday. While there were a couple of guys in the kitchen, the guy taking all the cake orders was working solo. He’d take 3 cheesecake orders, then fill 3 other orders. As you might imagine, this took some time, although was quite assured that he had everything under control. We got our order to go and were still there around a half-hour.

Outside of that, it was a nice way for a lot of folks to spend an afternoon.

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