Both Sides of the Coin



Tomorrow: Robbing Utility Workers – huh?

I wanted to skip my nightly run. After all, I’ve been out every day since Saturday. Well, I changed clothes and was out on the street before I could stop myself. Anyway, by the time I get around to Linden and Mulberry, I start noticing an awful lot of pre-teen girls heading in the general direction of the FedEx Forum. You don’t see a lot of suburban mom types shepherding kids through downtown at dusk. One of the young ladies was carrying a sign. Once I saw it, I realized what was going on. I had forgotten that Miley Cyrus was rocking the “X” tonight.

I’ve seen her on TV a couple of times, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard her sing. However, since she’s held onto her popularity as long as she has, I’m sure she has real talent. Hopefully, as time passes, she’ll be able to grow as an artist as her audience grows as their interests change.

On the other hand, even though I also pass by Spindini’s on my fitness-motivated nightly excursions, I kinda doubt I’ll be passing by during the “Kittens & Cougars” event on the 31st (I’ll be in Oxford for the SEC Cross-Country Championships). I found out about the K&C deal while reading Paul Ryburn‘s blog today. I try to keep up with what he’s doing, since he won the Memphis Flyer’s poll for best blog (gives me something to aim for).



Turns out that Spindini’s also won something in the Flyer’s poll — “Best Cougar Bar.”  That makes it about the best place to have a cougar-related costume party. I’ve been in the place enough over the last couple of years to have spotted a cougar or two in the joint. I’m not sure what I think of the term. It almost seems derogatory, but it the women it’s applied to don’t mind, I guess there’s nothing wrong with the name. I certainly don’t have a problem with the practice. Old guys have been scamming younger women forever — so if it’s good for the gander, etc…

Anyway, nice to know that there’s stuff for women of all ages to do in downtown Memphis. Always nice to see you ladies — have a good time while you’re down here!


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