The Gang’s All Here!

Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone But Not Forgotten

Actually, the entire gang wasn’t there, but many of them were. I had an assignment in Atlanta this week (which is why I didn’t post anything Tuesday). After getting through my initial stop, I made my way from Norcross to downtown, which at 5 pm isn’t the easiest thing to do. Back in the old days, a few of us at CNN would gather in Jock’s ‘n’ Jill’s, a sports bar in the atrium of CNN Center. Both Jock and Jill are gone now – the space was renovated after I left town.  There’s a Dantanna’s there now, still a sports bar, but a much more upscale one than the old place.

I’ve been better about getting back to visit folks in Atlanta than I have with the other places I’ve lived over the years. Since CNN employees get the perk of free passes to Atlanta Braves, Hawks and Thrashers’ games, I usually try to get back during one of those seasons (before you ask, no, they don’t get Falcons tickets – I don’t think the NFL gives anything away. Also, they only get passes to teams Ted Turner used to own).

With my earlier bout with unemployment, I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit yet this year, but like the last year or two, I got to travel on someone else’s dime.  There is usually some downtime on these trips, which can give you the opportunity to see the sights or say ‘howdy’ to some folks (if you have folks to say howdy to).

Anyway, I met with several of the fellas from various teams I did time on over the years. Some were regular newscasts, other were more political in nature (seems like CNN used to do a little more of that). There was some catching up, as well as some trash talking. And a couple of the guys were actually willing to come in on their days off (gotta feel for them knowing they’ve got Tuesday off). Not only that, they both live about 30 miles out of town, so let me say that I appreciate them making the trip.

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