A New Normal

Is there still news on TV?

Running Out of Room

By coincidence, all the spare time I had for exercise during the recent company fitness contest has seemed to have dried up with all the new assignments I’m getting at work. That is much better than the alternative, so don’t think I’m complaining. After spending one day back in town, I’m on my way out again, heading to my old stomping grounds in the ATL. It’s a quick day-and-a-half, but I’ve got a bunch of stuff backed up from the last trip that I’m going to have to get to as soon as I’m back. I had to go through the DVR and clear off some things I knew I wasn’t going to get around to watching. The machine told me I was “dangerously low” on space. That’s what I get for recording in HD.

Or Does It?

Or Does It?

I haven’t mentioned politics in a while. But not talking about it doesn’t mean it’s gone away. More yard signs have popped up while I was away, and the candidates are popping up on local radio to take advantage of any free air time they can get to plead their cases. I won’t be surprised with low turnout for the special election this week. Single-issue ballot items, even when they deal with a big issue don’t always draw as many voters as they should. Still, no matter what you thought of the retired mayor, change should be good for the city, even if it’s just the frenzied activities of the interim mayor, doing as much as he can during his interim-ness.

Winless? Why?

Winless? Why?

I hesitate to talk about sports here. The last time I did, I got an invitation to be a regular blogger for a sports site. Sorry, I don’t know enough about any sport to do that intelligently (I know, who does?). Anyway, I’m really feeling bad for the Tennessee Titans this season. After last year, they were supposed to be a real contender. Did Kerry Collins just run out of gas, or is something else going on in Nashville? No wins, and they face New England next week. Yikes.

Kind of a potpourri tonight, and a little short. I plan to run into some former CNN coworkers after I finish my assignment tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have some inside the news business dirt to talk about.


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