36 pounds later…

You Rule Me No Longer!

You Rule Me No Longer!

Okay, I didn’t win the Running Pony Fitness contest. Joe Stuber, who led 10 out of 12 weeks, put in a herculean effort in the final week, losing 7 pounds (yes, seven pounds in a single week), to pass me by less than a percentage point. I ended up losing a pretty close 5.8 pounds in the final week. The nice thing about competition is that we gave each other the extra motivation we needed to make the most out of the event (he’s down 33 pounds overall, I dropped 36 lbs.).  Healthier, happier, hungrier, and we’ve both learned a few new ways to drop any pesky extra pounds.

The nice thing is that I was really only trying to lose 15 or 20 pounds, so it looks like I’ve ended up losing both (15+20=35).  I haven’t been under 200 lbs. in a couple of years, so I’m going to try and enjoy it for a while.  I might even try to get down to 190 or so, and give myself a winter cushion, since it might be a little harder to drag myself outside for exercise.

Road Update

Back in the old home town. I’ve been lucky enough to get back to Columbus a once or twice a year for a while now.  I brought a friend with me this time, which gives me an excuse to drive around and revisit the haunts of my youth without feeling too self-indulgent about it. Another nice thing: Bob Evans Restaurant for breakfast!  Yum…

Did I mention it’s my birthday? Still in my “early” 50s, but if you’re going to see the family, it’s always good to do it on “your” day; it pretty much dictates that everybody has to be nice to you. That’s a good thing about Facebook; it gives your extended network a reminder of what’s going on in your life and a chance to wish you well. So I’ve got that going for me… which is nice.

High school reunion tomorrow; pictures on Monday’s blog — see you then!

One thought on “36 pounds later…

  1. Happy birthday, I current reading your blog from the begging and am only at July but saw it is your birthday today… Hope you are writing a book I am enjoying your blog thus far.

    Congrats on a healthier you.


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