On the Road Again…

Old East High School

Old East High School

A quick 19 hours or so back in Memphis and I’ll be on the road one more time, this time heading for the old home town. I was in Columbus last spring, spending some time with the family on Mother’s Day. This the East High School Class of 1974 is holding its 35th reunion. Not only did both my parents go to that high school, it’s also where Philip Michael Thomas (of Miami Vice fame) went to school (James Thurber too, if you’re more of a literary fan).

Anyway, I was at the 20th reunion, and was seeing all of my one-time classmates for the first time in 20 years (didn’t stay in the neighborhood, then started criss-crossing the country in the news business). It’s been 15 more years, and I haven’t seen any of these folks since then. There’s an informal get-together on Friday, but it’s also my birthday, so I think I’ll spend the day with the family. Saturday will be the day to see how old we’ve all become.

After a long drive back, I’m going to have a rocking Monday at work. I’ve got a pair of interviews at the Health Department. Should be an interesting visit. My former wife is the public information officer there. And we’re pretty much not speaking right now. So it’d probably be a good idea for any of you to stay away from the medical center area that morning.

Season's Over!

Season's Over!

Then Tuesday, I’m back on a plane and heading to Atlanta for a quick two-day project. So quick that I probably won’t have much of a chance to catch up with my old CNN friends, which is too bad. This is the first time since I’ve been back in Memphis that I haven’t gotten back for a trip to Turner Field for a Braves game and a beer.

One Last Step Up

One Last Step Up

Tomorrow will also be my final weigh in for the Fitness Contest at work. I slipped into first place a couple of weeks ago, and according to what I’m hearing, that’s put a little pressure on the guy who had been in the lead. It’s gotten back to me that he’s dropped an inordinate amount of weight since last week in a last-ditch effort to avoid 2nd place (or “first loser,” as he calls it). I tried to keep up my exercise while on assignment the last few days, and have to thank another co-worker for insisting we see everything in the Mall of America on Sunday. It took a while to cover the second biggest mall on the planet, and was probably worth an hour of treadmill time.

I’ll get the final raw numbers while I’m on the road, and will have to compile the final standings after getting to my sister’s house. I’ve reached 3 weight-loss goals I set on my WiiFit during the 12 weeks of this contest, and am under 200 pounds for the first time in a couple of years. That’s win enough for me. Stay tuned for the results anyway.


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