Getting Out While the Getting Is Good

Spent a rainy, chilly day in and around the Twin Cities today. Spent some time in a middle school in Plymouth, Minneapolis. It’s the Wayzata School District, even though only one school is in the town of Wayzata. Nice place, the folks in the cafeteria work really hard and efficiently, but a lunch room full of middle schoolers is LOUD.

Got done with work early, but after only 4 hours of sleep the night before, I was wasted by the end of the day, especially with workouts the night before and that morning. After a nap, I headed out with the crew for a nice dinner at the Twin City Grill in the Mall of America. Great service, great food, great prices. Probably the best food I’ve ever had in a mall. One of the better meals I’ve had in a while. We had eaten at another restaurant in the mall on Sunday. A much fancier place, but not nearly the quality.

MinnesotaTwinsAfter dinner, we headed upstairs to an area watering hole (where the servers wear very tight orange shorts) and watched the “play-in” game between the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers. Detroit led a lot of the game, but it went into extra innings. The Twins, playing what was their final game in the Metrodome, won in the bottom of the 12th. Now, they have to be in New York to take on the Yankees in less than a day.

Coming on top of the Vikings MNF win over the Packers, people are going to be a pretty good mood for awhile around here. Of course, that’s until the snow showers forecast for this weekend. Everyone up here has been telling us that it was shorts weather just last week. I just heard a news anchor tell the weather guy that people may have another day before they turn their heaters on. It’s 45 degrees outside as I write this.

It's Bill!

It's Bill!

Speaking of news anchors. I’m watching the ABC station, KSTP. Bill Lunn is anchoring. I spotted him on the 4:30 news Monday. Bill, as you may remember, was an anchor at WPTY and WMC in Memphis.

After a layoff (I know how that feels!), Bill ended up leaving Memphis and heading north. He went to college in Minnesota, so I guess he’s familiar with the weather up here. Nice to seem him doing well. we traded comments on Facebook, and he says to tell everyone in Memphis hello.

Bad Dave

Bad Dave

Letterman just came on, but since I’ve got a 7:30 flight, I don’t think I’ll watch much past his nightly apology for being a horny old man.

I think the guy is funny and have watched him since his morning show back in 1980. That said, while there might be nothing wrong with dating someone at work; but being a serial dater at work, especially if you’re the boss, is going to cause problems. As he’s said, he’s got some ‘splainin’ to do with missus. But since she started dating him when she was working for him, maybe she should have seen trouble ahead.

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