This One’s for Morgan

I picked up a new laptop the other day, partly because I was going on an out-of-town trip and wanted to get some tape logging done on location and just because I always wanted one. And it’s not like work didn’t offer to get me one, it’s just the one they were going to get was a little smaller than I wanted… small screens and old eyes do not mix. And for once, I got exactly what I wanted.  A little extravagant, but I don’t care. It’s really nice.

Fresh Minnesota Tomatoes

Fresh Minnesota Tomatoes

Cool efficiency

Cool efficiency

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m in Minneapolis for the first half of this week. Our first stop was a produce distribution company. All the fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerated section of the facility made the place smell like a giant salad.

Besides distributing food, the facility also processes food, peeling carrots, cutting celery and the like. And again, the crew works in an area cold enough to keep the food fresh, so they’re wearing warm clothes, with their clean white coats and rubber boots. On top of that, they’re wearing cut-resistant gloves to protect their hands and rubber gloves on top of them… I was just watching and could barely move.

We stopped off at a local farm as well. It was their smaller facility, where they give hayrides and tours for kids. There are also a few farm animals on display, which always makes for some fun.

There was a coin-operated dispenser full of some kind of feed grain near the hog pen. Which, I guess, gives you the opportunity to feed Truffles the hog, if you want. Truffles is very aware of the possibility, and will give you the sad eyes as soon as you go need the machine.

Will & Truffles

Will & Truffles

Videographer Will Bezubic was more than willing to borrow several quarters to give Truffles a little something for her effort. Of course, the feeling of warm hog tongue is not necessarily a good feeling, but Truffles appreciated it. Of course, a couple of the goats wanted to get in on the act.

While I’m down on the farm, it’s turning out to be one of the bigger sports weeks in the city’s recent history. The Twins win what was supposed to be their final game in the Metrodome, setting up a one-game playoff with the Detroit Tigers to see who goes up against the Yankees in the ALDS.

Then there was the madness of Vikings-Packers game on Monday Night Football. Former Packer and current Viking Brett Favre was facing his old team for the first time since leaving the team.

If you turned on the news, you wouldn’t have known there was anything else going on in the world. The upside of watching the news in Minneapolis is getting a chance to see some former Memphis news folk. I caught former 24 & 5 anchor Bill Lunn anchoring an early newscast on KSTP. An hour or so later, I spotted former 13 reporter Esme Murphy on WCCO. Nice to see them again.


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