Short and sweet

Just a quick update before getting out for the day. Started very early yesterday, trying to get to the airport early, just in case there was a ticket problem. Airlines will refuse to fix a mistake in your name on a ticket… But, as long as it’s pretty close to what’s on your ID, the TSA will let you pass.

On the up side, Delta has combined by Delta miles with my Northwest miles. With this trip, I should qualify for a free trip somewhere.

After living in the South for so long, sometimes you forget how the weather works in other parts of the country. It’s been cool in Memphis (although a high of 70 is predicted today). Here in Minneapolis, they’re expected no warmer than 51… with rain rolling in later today. Nothing like cold and wet to get through the week.

Fun in the Mall

Fun in the Mall

We got in early enough to head up the street to the Mall of America, which is only the second largest mall in the world (the biggest is somewhere in Canada). Seems there’s a kid-themed amusement part smack in the middle of the joint. And for a Sunday afternoon, there was a pretty good crowd. We saw the entire joint, which took a while and made me think that I hadn’t lost a workout because of traveling.

There’s a decent fitness center in the hotel too, which was good for last night and this morning. I had forgotten how nice it can be to work out indoors.

An hour on the treadmill went a lot easier than 40 minutes on Memphis pavement.

I know I’ve been using my current weight to headline Monday’s note, but I don’t have a scale here. Stand by for an update later in the week.


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