Laughing With vs Laughing At

It’s all about perception. If people are smiling at you, it could be because they think you’re good looking or are dressed well. Of course, it could mean that your slip is showing, you’ve got spinach in your teeth or you’ve spilled a drink down the front of your pants.

Fist Bump for National Attention

Fist Bump for National Attention

I, for one, am not laughing at the mayor pro tem. I thought the fist bump thing was kinda cool, and actually agree with the point he made on the radio Monday morning. Whether they were laughing or not, it got people talking about Memphis.

Lowery also made the point that when he saw the Dalai Lama later that day, the first thing the Lama did was put a fist up, ready to bump. Nice.

Anyway, it seems that someone always has an opinion about something going on here. An opinion column in the Sunday edition of New Orleans’ Times-Picayune took on the first televised mayoral debate here in Memphis (yes, I know they’re behind a bit. Things haven’t been running well there for the last couple of years). The headline writer, noticing the mention of Jerry Lawler, must have thought he was in hog heaven. Here’s what he came up with: “Memphis wrestles with embarrassment.”

Oh, that man!

Oh, that man!

I have to imagine his motivation to mention embarrassment was because the piece begins by talking about Mongo.

Yes, he’s strange. Yes, he’s been running for mayor time after time. Yes, he doesn’t like wearing  shoes. But if enough registered voters sign his petition, he can run for anything he likes.

Here’s the thing about the column that got me. This is an actual quote from the columnist, comparing the madness of New Orleans to our mild levels of wackiness: “we have a reputation for absurdity, but it’s hard to imagine us descending to Memphis’ level.” Okay.  All I’ll say is this. Open a new window in your browser and Google “New Orleans scandal.” You’ll get over 2 million hits in a couple of seconds. Dude, you can’t descend to a level you’ve already passed, now can you?

The King

The King

Of course, it you want to read a newspaper opinion column that’s not flattering for Mr. Lawler, you don’t need the Times-Picayune (by the way, what the heck is a “Picayune” anyway?). Otis Sanford took a look at Jerry in Sunday’s Commercial Appeal. While he likes the King (and who doesn’t?), he doesn’t think that the local entrepreneur is quite up to the task of running the city.

Hey, the last guy was a school teacher. Actually, so is the interim guy. Having vision and the ability to lead doesn’t necessarily stem from your current occupation. Jimmy Carter was a nuclear engineer… didn’t make him a good leader, now did it?

I think the most recent debate would have been more interesting if they had allowed Lawler the opportunity to take part, although, I have to admit (much like Sanford did), the incredibly small percentage of support for Lawler in the most recent poll was quite a surprise. And I have to thank the Lawler campaign for calling the house on Monday to remind me to go and vote. I already have, so I’ll pass the reminder on to you.

Go early vote. Those poll workers desperately need someone to talk to!


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