Well, I’ve passed my original goal by 10 pounds, but there are still two more weigh-ins in the weight loss contest at work. While I’m thrilled to have gotten this far,  I had to deal with that pesky mid-week rebound again. I didn’t regain as much as usual, which is good. I’ve also got a couple of workouts before the weigh-in, so I should do pretty well by the time Tuesday rolls around.

200 and dropping

200 and dropping

I’m having to decide how to deal with an unexpected issue regarding these workouts. I usually gauge how well I do by how much of my ball cap is sweat-soaked by the time I finish working out. For a good work out, the brim is wet, and the sweat goes all the way up the front to the little button on top. The last couple of days though, I’m spotting the hat, but not soaking all the way through. I think my body has finally acclimated to the three miles I’ve been doing. Since I’m running in the mornings before work and in the afternoons after work, I don’t really have much desire to cover more distance. Maybe I’ll just change my route.

Speaking of which, I had the bike out this weekend for the first time in a while, and strayed off my usual course on Saturday and Sunday. I got a little ambitious and headed over to Mud Island Sunday. It’s always a chore to bike up the Auction Street bridge, but a darn good workout. Unfortunately, there’s always too much traffic to really enjoy flying down the bridge.

My doc is old school

My doc is old school

The good thing is that I saw my doctor while I was riding down Island Drive. Good, because he saw me getting exercise. It always seems like doctors take your word that you exercise with a grain of salt.  Oh, they want to believe you, but you know how people are… they say one thing… etc. Well, he saw me, so there. That, however, is not the interesting thing. He drove by — I know — not interesting either. How about this — he was driving a Model T, like the one in the picture!

Man and machine

Man and machine

He’s not quite old school enough to use the thing to make house calls. I mean, how often do you see that? Actually, I was at a house-warming last weekend and two doctors stopped by the house. They were both aunts of the hostess though. Anyway, my doctor has an interest in a Front Street Vintage Auto Storage, a garage at Butler and South Front Street that stores classic cars.  There was a story about it (the garage, and the Model T, as well as the guy who does all the work there) in the April issue of Memphis Magazine.

I know I mentioned voting the other day (lots of waiting machines for those of you who want a voice in who the mayor will be). One of the things I was thinking as a worked my way back up the bridge on Auction was, the interim mayor has mentioned on occasion that he knows he needs to lose a few. We’ve noticed too Mr. Mayor. Since you live on Mud Island, why just walk to work at City Hall? You make a few trips over that bridge on foot, I promise you’ll lose weight!


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