Hey Baby and Hello Dalai

Fist bump for peace

Fist bump for peace

Okay, gotta give it up for Myron Lowery.  As interim mayor, he got to greet exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama today. The mayor gave him a fist bump and said “hello, Dalai.”

Sure, it’s a good joke, and how often in life are you put in the position to use a line like that on the one guy on earth it applies to? If nothing else, that alone should get ML a couple of votes in the special election.

Here’s my beef. If you leaf back through my blogs to the August 6th posting, you’ll notice that I used that joke on the occasion of the National Civil Rights Museum announcing that the Lama was headed to town. I’m not accusing the mayor of swiping my joke, but dang… I did it first. Still, it’s not about who gets credit for the joke, it’s that someone uses it at the right place at the right time.

The Blessed Event

The Kelley Family

The Kelley Family

My friends Lurene Cachola and Chris Kelley welcomed another Kelley into the world on Tuesday. Lu, a former Channel 3 co-worker, gave birth to Cleo. A family friend of theirs, Emily Yellin, got this shot of the happy parents, big brother Maddox and the sure-to-be-a-hottie when she grows up to look like her mom.

I don’t usually do pictures full size on the blog, but they’re such nice people, they deserve it. Maddox is inadvertently hiding his sister’s face in a loving hug.

I just talked to Lu about a week or a week and a half ago. If you were behind her, you wouldn’t have even known she was pregnant.

If you were a fan of the now Dr. Kelley when she was a reporter at WREG, she now does reports for a program called “Smart Medicine” on WKNO.  She covers women’s health issues.  WMC’s Joe Birch anchors the program, which also features reports from former Action News 5 reporter Rod Starns.  Oh, I’m on the program too.  Check your local listings.

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