I’ve been stymied by my mid-week weight gain. After the weekly weigh-in on Tuesday, I usually take the afternoon off and eat regularly, and more often than not sleep in on Wednesdays. Well, that has meant a 2-4 lb. jump in weight by Thursday, meaning I’d have to work a little harder over the weekend to get ready for the next trip to the scale.

Down Again

Down Again

I decided to try and avoid that this week. I was back out for another 3 mile run Tuesday evening, and again Wednesday morning and Wednesday evening.  My weight went down a bit, then held steady, which put me back in the stymied column. It might be that I’m not fueling myself enough, so I had a big (for me) meal Friday night and a light workout on Saturday — 4 mile walk, no running or WiiFit at all. Nice breakfast Sunday and out for a run & back on the WiiFit Sunday night.  Down another couple of pounds. All I have to do is carry this through (or improve on it) by Tuesday and I’ll be doing fine. Of course, the weight on the WiiFit in workout clothes is about 4 pounds lighter than what I wear to work, so my beginning-of-the-week weight is always lighter than Tuesday’s official weight.  Still, I’m happy to see the line on the WiiFit graph continue to move down (instead of its usual roller coaster pattern.

Cold, cleansing rain

Cold, cleansing rain

And what was the deal with all that rain last week? It’s not too much of a problem when I’m running. After all, I’m a sweater, so I just end up all wet a little quicker when it’s pouring outside. Still, it’s a good thing that I have a couple of pairs of running shoes, ’cause it takes a couple of days for them to dry out after going through a deluge.

An upside to going through all that rain is that is cools you down as you go. It’s better than a breeze. There’s pretty much no way I’m going to overheat in all that wet.

I think my biggest challenge was Saturday night.  I attended a housewarming with lots of great food.  Most of which I completely ignored.  Someone else I know holds an annual thing during the Cooper-Young Festival… As nice as it would have been to stop by, I knew it would be too tough to exercise my self control twice in one day.


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