Should have turned left at Albuquerque

Oh you email!

Oh you email!

I was going to blog about the exciting adventure I had with the Memphis Police last week because a very nice major took a boat load of photos while Ryan Goble and I were shooting and asking questions. She sent us a pair of CDs chock full of photos (more than 250). I chose a few shots, compressed them and e-mailed them to my home address so I could work on the blog now.  So of course, even though the e-mail program showed the mail as sent, it still hasn’t shown up.

So, I’ll zig instead of zag. I’ve mentioned a former co-worker of mine, Jessica Richardson before. She’s a delightful young woman who came to FedEx One as a contract worker to basically be the department’s receptionist.

She's so sweet!

She's so sweet!

Well, Jess is the kind of person who won’t settle for standing still. She picked up some broadcasting background in college (Austin Peay) and was always eager and willing to take on new challenges. She got involved in any number of projects in the department; working in the studio on live and taped broadcasts, going on field shoots, working as talent in some productions.

The better (and luckier) thing for the department is that she has an innate curiosity as well as an high level of intrepidity with most aspects of social media. Like a lot of businesses, this one has an odd fascination with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all the rest, worried that it will somehow miss getting the next generation of consumers if it’s not all online and such.

It may just be my impression, but she may still know more about most of that stuff than anyone else there, even though there are people specifically assigned to it now. Anyway, to my mind, she has been a guiding force through that process, whether anyone actually realizes it. Her knowledge and ability to learn is going to be missed after she’s gone.

NC Bound

NC Bound

And she is gone. I stopped at the old office for a few minutes for her last day going away party. Her mister, Jordan, had been in school, learning physical therapy. Once he was ready to manipulate people’s limbs and stuff, he took a commission in the U.S. Air Force and headed off to Alabama for basic training. So naturally, she’s going down to join him.  Their first posting will be at Seymour Johnson AFB (no, not in my branch of the Johnson family).

The Gang's All Here

The Gang's All Here

There had recently been a Saturday party for both of them, but one of the nicer things about the old job is you don’t need much of a reason to have cake (or pie, or ice cream for that matter). Steve, one of the editors, stopped by trivia Monday and mentioned that there was going to be a thing for Jess on Wednesday and was I going to stop by? Wouldn’t have missed it for the world! It’s always nice to see everybody and besides, nobody was celebrating the day I got frog-marched out of the door back in April.

One aside before I wrap up. I found out a few hours later that someone was there who I thought would have spoken to me, but apparently they became immediately busy right after I walked in. I would have spoken, but didn’t know they were even there ’til the pictures hit Facebook. Hmmm, I guess that showed me.

Anyway, while I’m not often mawkish or maudlin, I will set that aside to say to Jessica: God bless you darling, I know you and Jordan will have a great life out there in the world. I will truly miss you.

Love, Doug

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