I won’t vote for you, but I like the marmoset on your head…

Main Event?

Main Event?

You’d think with a mayoral election coming up, there’d be a little more action on the streets of Memphis.  Ah well, maybe they’re saving it up for the next two political debates. I just hope the formats are a little clearer than the first one (although I hope Mongo’s got some good follow up comments to his “flush ’em away” remark).

2nd from the lef

2nd from the left

Of course, there was the piece in Sunday’s NY Times on the 9th District race between Herenton and Cohen.  “Racial Overtones” indeed. Nothing like the Old Gray Lady for understatement.

And hey, Joan Carr (one-time WREG producer) got her picture in the NYT with the story — go Joan!

This is only a drill...

This is only a drill...

I did catch “Mondays with Myron” on Drake and Zeke this week. I admire the mayor pro-tem’s earnest approach to constituent services. But, since there’s nothing particularly zany going on, I guess I’ll turn my gaze outward. After spending some time on the periphery of the CNN Political Unit during my time at the news network, they’re my go-to for most of my national political coverage (especially since they’re giving my old producer, Paul Steinhauser, so much air time). Now, for coverage of breaking Coast Guard news, that’s another story. I had a news director tell me 21 years ago ‘don’t report scanner traffic without confirmation.’ That may be a lesson for the folks at CNN’s DC bureau.

It's the hair, isn't it?

It's the hair, isn't it?

Anyway, I was heartened by the headline on CNN’s Political Ticker that former Congressman Jim Traficant might be interested in making another run for public office.  Mr. T was expelled from Congress back in 2002 after his conviction on several felonies, including racketeering, tax evasion and bribery. Before he was elected to Congress, Jim had been the sheriff of Mahoning County, Ohio (the Youngstown area, NE part of the state, near Pennsylvania). The Feds came after him in the early 80s, saying he took bribes.  He represented himself in court and became the first person doing that to beat a RICO charge.

I think I'll call you "Arthur"

What do you call that haircut? "Arthur."

Oh, but it’s not his sometimes combative nature that draws your attention, is it? No, we know that you’re looking at that head. Maybe closer to the point, you’re looking at whatever that is that crawled on top of his head to roost.

He used to claim that he cut his hair with a weed-wacker, but it came out during the trial that yes, it’s a toupee. What, you say, that’s not real?! Apparently not.

Back on the Street!

Back on the Street!

Anyway, JT is out of federal prison after serving 7 years.  He told the anchor on CNN’s “American Morning” that he wasn’t sure whether he was going to run for Congress again.  He did say that “both parties would not want to see me in Washington, believe me…”  Considering all the craziness that attended your trial and expulsion from Congress, I do believe you. Maybe, if Traficant decides to run and is elected, he can hang out with current South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, the guy who decided that the House of Representatives was a good a place to heckle someone as the House of Giggles on open mic night.

"You Lie!" t-shirts available in the House lobby

"You Lie!" t-shirts available in the House lobby

Democrats in the House want to give Wilson a tickle on the wrist by considering a resolution of “disapproval” for his outburst. C’mon guys, just look across the aisle and say “nah, nah, boo, boo” in unison. It’ll have the same impact.

Let’s get Joe, Kanye West and Serena Williams, Pete Wilson (California Congressman who doesn’t want to waste urine) and Traficant (if he says anything crazy in the next couple of days) and send them to a remote island with Jeff Probst from “Survivor.” We could tell them it’s a reality show called “The Rest of the World Wants Us to Just Go Away!” It’d take them a while to notice there weren’t any TV cameras, but Jeff could tell them they’d have to learn some social graces before we let them come back.


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